Also, Dimmer Dog figured out how to open cabinet doors.

am writing next chapter of blackmail stop
also next chapter of reconnection stop
am having mental whiplash stop
also posted stupid essay of pointlessness
should be working on remix story instead
have lost mind somewhere
antenna (me)

On the plus side, Project Telecaster is going well. All the body drilling is now done. The to-do list is now:
  • drill guide holes for Sperzels in the head & install tuners: done!
  • solder the electronics: half done!
  • mount everything to the body
  • string it: won't get done because my string ferrules are too big!
  • adjust intonation & neck
  • tune up
  • learn to play guitar
  • Current Music: Blankets of Night : Hammock : Kenotic
I happened to enjoy "stupid essay of pointlessness." And I took poll of theoreticalness.

I too have story whiplash, from WIP and remix, so I feel your pain.
I also took the poll. <-- obviously, I'm a sheep.
Glad to hear of the fic-ing, muttering v. nasty things about fucking engineers think they're god can't solder gotta fix a bigger mess now and where the hell is my braid!? but I'm all over it now.
My soldering: adequate but not great. But how will I improve if I don't solder more stuff? Humbuckers and pots, here I come!
Little freakin' bastid dog. He was doing it right under my nose, too: wedge open the door, get at the garbage, carry off interesting milk cartons to his crate to chew. ARGH.
Coming home from the hospital and seeing this post makes me really happy.