I oppress you with my radio buttons

Yes, it's time for another silly poll! Today I poll you on what I should write next in a fast flash-ficcy way, to be finished and posted tonight if possible.

Poll #1158200 FicPoll Mark X: flashfiction edition

Give us a fast chapter of...

Blackmail (Giles/Buffy, adult, kink)
Cloud Animals (Giles/Xander, romance)
Reconnection (Giles/Buffy, romance)
that Doctor Who crossover set in Rupert's schooldays with the Second Doctor (Giles/Ethan)
Watcher's Child (Giles/Jenny, romance and heavy angst)
How about finishing your late rounds_of_kink story? I hear that's a "Hazy Solos" sequel with Oz and Xander.
How about just finishing the next tagfic?
No, no, no, I have the perfect flashfiction prompt for you in a comment.

Why a mouse when it spins?

I'm boycotting this poll.
I'm hung over too.
Get back to work!
"Diabologic" is, like, my favorite EFR story ever.
Who's EFR?
No, really, you need to read "Allamagoosa" if you've never heard of Eric Frank Russell.
I don't read any more. This is a post-literate age.
I, like you, am somewhat punchy.

ETA: "Allamagoosa", by Eric Frank Russell.
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I really want tagfic, too, but I figure it's easier to get Blackmail and I am desperate for some of your B/G today.
And the masses seem to be calling for heavy kink. Oh well. I'll (im)patiently wait my turn over here in the corner.

Also, I'm starting on my fics for the Tweed and Tea ficathon. Yay for awesome prompts!
Take heart! It's even now. I think I'm gonna write romance. I pout that no one wants Giles/Ethan Second Doctor. POUT. Will have to write that one some time.
I don't care. I'll end up reading whatever you write.

ETA: Because it sounds a bit abrupt. I don't mean that I don't care, just that whatever you write, I will read, so it's all gravy.

This comment and its edit brought to you by the letter C for Cider.

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Just read your Buffy/Wesley story Gunpowder Tea. Nice job. I like a Wesley who isn't a complete idiot.

Oops. That was me, Sweetdoggie with the comment about Gunpowder Tea. I'm having LJ problems where it keeps logging me out and I don't notice till I've posted something anonymously.
Yeah, LJ logs me out sometimes too. And thanks for the compliment on the story! It was fun to think about how Wishverse Wesley might act.
Somehow I totally missed that the Giles/Jenny was on the list. I think I still would pick Blackmail first, but Watcher's Child would be a close second.