New fic archive site is now live

My fic archive generator is now in good enough shape that I went live with the output. Comments, questions, brickbats, nasturtiums, feature requests all welcome.

Sample story input here: ge_back_for_teatime.yaml (generated file here). It's intended to be generated by script (as a result of a web form submission), but is simple enough to be written by hand. Which is what I did for all my stories. Note that the body content is in markdown format. See also a more complex example (generated file here).

It's almost general enough to handle generating the site. The problem with that site remains, as ever, wrangling the content into a consistent format. I'll start working on that next.
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Cool. Seriously. That's awesome.


Things that might be interesting additions if you're planning to use this on a multi-author archive...

- A way to indicate that a story is written by authors A and B, rather than A and B having to create a separate account for those stories. As a reader, I don't like having to visit multiple pages to find everything written by one person. (OTOH, maybe this is more of an issue in other fandoms? Off the top of my head, all I'm coming up with are examples from Doctor Who and CSI.)

- A way to group together stories resulting from a thematic challenge, like for example all those "Giles loses his green card" stories. (Which I'm assuming was a challenge. I wasn't in the fandom at the time.) If a reader enjoys one story, they'd probably like to read others as well. This could possibly be extended to challenges that aren't thematic (Summer of Giles, for example) but I'm not quite as sure if that'd be useful.

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One bug: the links within stories to the previous/next part are broken. You have an extra stories/ in the url.

(Also? Reconnection is just as good on the... um... third? re-reading as it was the first time through.)
Thanks for the bug report-- fixed!
And thanks for the props :) Darn it, I need to finish that story.
It's hard to see with this single-author dataset, but the story-author relationship is has-and-belongs-to-many. Which is to say, a story can have any number of authors associated with it. So the "author" line would become "authors: author1 author2". And the links would be to each author's index page.

The tags are sort of intended to allow for arbitrary groupings, like "stories set in season 1" or "green card challenge stories". The display I've chosen for my own site is compact, but could easily be expanded into the full summary display. I need to do something different with the per-tags listing even for my own site, but I haven't figured out what yet.
oooh, shiny.

Though I will note that on the links you give to stories, the lines aren't wrapping which is extremely annoying.
Those links are to source files for the stories, not to the results. Your browser is probably treating them like plain text and showing them in an ugly way. All the important stuff is in the header anyway!
Very Cool. Being that I cannot write code to save my life, I am in awe of people who can and do.
Nasturtium incoming
That is a tasty ASHpic, yup. *nod* I like that suit.

The comic-canon is making me sad, off to read "Breathing". Again.
Re: Nasturtium incoming
He's in spring colors. I need to commission a design, though. My lame skillz can only carry me so far.
A Watcher's Child links aren't right. Some sort of bug or just haven't gotten to yet?
Working on it; fixed in a second.
ETA: Fixed, and what the heck are you doing up at this hour? (I'm awake because I have a very drunk and happy husband snoring with his head on my lap.)

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I'm all out of whack. Fell asleep at 8:30 last night, then was up at 1:30. Internal alarm goes off after 5 hours, I guess. I'm caught in a loop of sleep deprivation. Keep napping and waking up at all sorts of crazy times. Leaves me feeling giddy all day, though, so there's one bennie. :)
Congratulations on your archive!

By which I mean archive *generator*. Apparently I can't read.

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I can has day off, therefore I am lounging and reading. I noticed people's names are missing from your notes and acknowledgments, maybe because they're in LJ format and your html tags are making them disappear?
that is ... just ... lovely.

No, seriously, I really like it all - the way you're thinking of categories, the simplicity of the tagging system. I love the way your mind works in terms actually seeing the requirements and the way that people think of fic, and then making it work.

and you really think it might work for buffygiles? (which, btw, is .net these days, but you knew that i think?) because, um, yeah. I would seriously worship at your feet on that one.

also, somewhere i saw you mention wanting some skinning done, if you ever want design type stuff i'm always willing....
You know what you can design? You can design a new skin for the BuffyGiles archive site :) Photoshop comps work great for me, or you can give me a sample story page and index page. CSS a plus, or I can rewrite whatever you give me to use CSS layout.

Yeah, I just made huge progress on moving the site forward :) I still need to write you guys a web app for story submission & automatic regeneration, so there's no rush on a new look.

Deal! I will make you comps and do as much of the coding as i can, and then hand it over into your fantabulous hands.

And ROCK! I know it's several (bunches) of days since then, but I hope it's still going well (or perhaps not taking up space since there are many other antenna!projects going on right now)