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In re: LJ's omission of certain interests from the "most popular" list.

Actually, what I think fanfiction peeps should do here on LJ is adopt a code-name interest that we can all list on our profiles.

Keys are:
* Spell it exactly the same way everybody else does. No "fanfic" vs "fanfiction" vs "fan fiction" variations.
* Choose something inoffensive and unconnected with anything. An oblique joke.
* No, really. Resist the temptation to go political with it. Stay Dada.

"i can has peach?" or something like that. Though maybe that's too clearly a reference to something. There's always red pandas. How can anybody dislike red pandas? Or censor them?

But really, guys. Fandom has to move. Where are the SMOFs? I wanna have a chat. And sigh, I should probably post that essay in public now, though I'm very short on conclusions, motivations, energy, and the will to run a project myself.

ETA: HA. Read this comment. See also the revision history for the relevant file. Am browsing the source now to attempt to confirm. Hilarious inadvertent effect of an attempt at filtering user names from the interest list, if true. Except NO. Have just looked at the source, and I concur with foxfirefey: they have a canned list they were nuking. Where they got the canned list is another question.
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