In re: LJ's omission of certain interests from the "most popular" list.

Actually, what I think fanfiction peeps should do here on LJ is adopt a code-name interest that we can all list on our profiles.

Keys are:
* Spell it exactly the same way everybody else does. No "fanfic" vs "fanfiction" vs "fan fiction" variations.
* Choose something inoffensive and unconnected with anything. An oblique joke.
* No, really. Resist the temptation to go political with it. Stay Dada.

"i can has peach?" or something like that. Though maybe that's too clearly a reference to something. There's always red pandas. How can anybody dislike red pandas? Or censor them?

But really, guys. Fandom has to move. Where are the SMOFs? I wanna have a chat. And sigh, I should probably post that essay in public now, though I'm very short on conclusions, motivations, energy, and the will to run a project myself.

ETA: HA. Read this comment. See also the revision history for the relevant file. Am browsing the source now to attempt to confirm. Hilarious inadvertent effect of an attempt at filtering user names from the interest list, if true. Except NO. Have just looked at the source, and I concur with foxfirefey: they have a canned list they were nuking. Where they got the canned list is another question.
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You have a cause. Seem to be going all Joan and I don't understand why the sudden imperative. Also, I don't get the "i can has peach" reference. This probably does not surprise you. 'Splain?
Oh. Well. I like writing software. It's my profession and it's one of my hobbies. It's fun. It's sort of a professional twitch you see in me right now: I look at the situation and I see an opportunity. I even see one that overlaps with my skill set a bit, though there are subtasks here I don't have a clue about. Plus I'm at a bit of a, hrm, career juncture, since my employment situation is about to shift around a bit.

I should probably just stfu and let somebody else worry about it. Concentrate on writing that stupid novel so I can fail to sell it. Um, yes, having an Eeyore moment. Never mind me. I'll get over it.

And: "Do I dare to eat a peach?"
I love your enthusiasm for the new project. If anyone can do it...can get it off the ground, I'm sure it's you. It'll make a great distraction away from the original fiction.

And, Antenna? Nobody's first novel sells. But you have to write the first, so the second or third can become enormously successful. :)
Now you sound like my husband. O.o

Yes. I agree. Writing the damn thing would be a better use of my time. I am going to write the software to drive BuffyGiles.com, though.
Well, but you need something to procrastinate on by writing the novel. or is that just my sometime psychology of creation?
There is currently a movement going around to make this Friday, March 21st a no posting day in protest of the recent doings. One of the demands is the restoration of the Basic Account. I don't see that happening. It was a business decision on the part of SUP and no matter how many people raise their voices I don't see them backing down on that. Everything they seem to be doing lately is business oriented, which I don't fault them for, that's why they bought LJ to make money. But I agree that they way they seem to be going about doing all of it is underhanded and smacks of dictatorial behavior.

But as I read somewhere this morning, we in fandom seem to be at odds in how we want to be handled. We want to be heard on things that affect us, but once that brings us into the spotlight we seem to shy away from any negative attention it brings us, want to burrow back into being underground. We can't have it both ways.

All I know is I'll be backing things up to my IJ and waiting to see what happens. I have a permanent account, I'm not going anywhere for now.
I... don't see how OTW can produce any serious archive or blogging platform. It's great to teach novices how to write software, but they're not going to produce anything well-designed or scalable. The scope of a project like that requires professional skill. Seriously: read some of Danga's white papers on things like how they scale their back end. This is stuff that's known in the industry by people who specialize in high-availability systems.

I'm not one of them, btw. I know just enough to know that I don't know.

And really, I should just shut up and finish my late
rounds_of_kink story. Or better yet, stuff for my paying job. Yargh.
*sigh* It's sad, when I think about my entrance into LJ fandom -- I stepped so tentatively into the waters, back around 2004, 2005. With LJ's changes, and with more and more people friends-locking their posts, I can see that if LJ had been like it is today, I probably wouldn't have had enough fun to stick around. I make friends and discover new things at a much slower rate these days. It's that initial openness and welcome to lurkers and newbies that has largely disappeared thanks to LJ's policies. I look forward to the day we find a way to get it back again.

SMOF! I have learned a new acronym. :)
Pay no attention to the fan behind the curtain!

I think fans are overreacting to some of LJ's policies. It remains to be seen if SUP is just clueless or actively working to remove itself from certain businesses, but I think in general LJ is one of the more benign hosts fandom might have. Sigh.

With this interests thing, I'm seeing a lot more outrage from my non-fandom flisters. Some of the ones I followed here from Delphi, in fact.

Whether the expansion of pissed-offed-ness beyond fandom has any impact remains to be seen.
I thought inertia was too big for the Pagan boards to ever leave Delphi. But they did. Fragmented all to hell and back, though. Some came here, some started other forum-type setups elsewhere, some went back to mailing lists. Piss people off enough, and they'll just stop coming back, whether they've got a better place to go or not.

I haven't been in fandom long enough to know if the lack of "something better" will actually keep people here or not. So far, it looks like the answer is yes. For some of the folks I followed here, I know it won't. The rumblings there have only just started, but those rumblings include a dose of, "We've seen this behavior before. We know how this ends." I don't expect it to take all that long for some of them to progress to, "Screw this. Thanks for all the fish."

As one of the steps along the route of said behavior was to start TOSsing people for using copyrighted images in their userpics, I think that might light a match under fandom's collective arse. (It took me a very long time to get used to seeing manips and such in icons here, and longer than that to feel comfy using them. I was so used to those leading to a single warning followed by getting TOSsed! But in the circles I was traveling at the time, it wasn't a big deal. I imagine fandom forums over there must've freaked out though.)

It'd be ironic if it was mostly the non-fannish types who well and truly bailed first though. Of course, my flist is a very skewed sample, so my impressions probably have little to do with the rest of LJ's non-fannish userbase.
"Red panda" - you know some dumbshit will flag anything containing the word "Red".

I have my IJ workin', a lurker's gotta be ready to lurk. Yestday it's amusing little foible was to drop the "" from a story I was betaing. The fun!

Whee I can has peach!
I looked at the list for people who are interested in red pandas. Too many furries. Dada is the way to go.
I wish I had time to devote to finding/making fandom a new home. I may, in a few years, but for now I will wave pompoms...
No can use red pandas. That's the etsy name of a chainmail jewelry maker that I like. *hic* No, 's true, promise.
Psst! All the peeps on teh elljay into "red pandas" are either zoo fans or furries. I like the zoo fans, but... let's stick with "transformative works". It'll give the acafans a thrill.
Hi there... I wasn't sure how else to contact your for this. I never got an assignment for the 'Every Watcher Needs a Slayer' ficathon. I was having a baby and didn't get to follow up, and now I see someone has written a lengthy story for me. Do you have an assignment for me? I would still like to fulfill it if so... let me know, and sorry!
Heya! I'm not surprised you didn't get the assignment-- the email address on your account failed. I dug up a second one for you and sent to that, and that one didn't bounce, but guess it didn't arrive either. And then I saw you'd had your baby early! Congratulations to everybody!

I found a backup writer when I saw that, so unless you'd *like* to write there's no need to. There's one request I'm pretty sure I need to find a backup writer for. It's this one:

You're writing for: stexgirl2000
The request: Giles and Buffy in Paris while at the beginning of their relationship; something where Buffy and Giles have a mystery to solve, Buffy schooling some new slayers in how to respect their Watchers and Giles being amused.
Unwanted: goopy and sappy romance or sappy sex scenes--no "Are you sure?" questions when it comes to sex. No heavy kink.
Highest rating preferred: As NC-17 as you want it.

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