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How'd you spend your Sunday?

Have spent today watching The West Wing and working on yet another pointless software project that at least amuses me, and speeds the time before my inevitable mortality arrives. I'm now generating html, and am trying to decide how to slice the data for my new index page. Mind you, I still have to pre-process another 40 story files. Yargh. It's always about massaging the data.

I think I'm gonna write the rest of "Partners" for Spring With Xan. I re-read all of the Cloud Animals stories just now while wrangling the data, and hey, um, I'd like to know how it turns out. There's only one way for me to find out. So. Right. Sound good?

I bawled not when Mrs Landingham died, not during the funeral, but when she appeared in the Oval Office to ream out Jed. I believe Sorkin knew this is how it would work. I want to know what Sorkin knows. Hmm, note also the pathetic fallacy at work, yet Sorkin gets away with it.

Downside: the pop song they played over the following scene killed my mood hard and fast. I do like Dire Straits, but something about it was off. It was better than the usual heavy-handedness from Snuffy Walden.
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