How'd you spend your Sunday?

Have spent today watching The West Wing and working on yet another pointless software project that at least amuses me, and speeds the time before my inevitable mortality arrives. I'm now generating html, and am trying to decide how to slice the data for my new index page. Mind you, I still have to pre-process another 40 story files. Yargh. It's always about massaging the data.

I think I'm gonna write the rest of "Partners" for Spring With Xan. I re-read all of the Cloud Animals stories just now while wrangling the data, and hey, um, I'd like to know how it turns out. There's only one way for me to find out. So. Right. Sound good?

I bawled not when Mrs Landingham died, not during the funeral, but when she appeared in the Oval Office to ream out Jed. I believe Sorkin knew this is how it would work. I want to know what Sorkin knows. Hmm, note also the pathetic fallacy at work, yet Sorkin gets away with it.

Downside: the pop song they played over the following scene killed my mood hard and fast. I do like Dire Straits, but something about it was off. It was better than the usual heavy-handedness from Snuffy Walden.
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~Dr Squidlove arriving randomly out of nowhere~

Oh, yeah. Sorkin knew how to drag the tears out of my stone heart, and often over the most unexpected things. Charlie and the Thanksgiving carving knife still chokes me up every time.

And yes, yes, to the song. Great bit of music, utterly wrong for where it was used. I sometimes think Sorkin had been given bits of music for writing challenges, and had to shoehorn them in. 'Cos ditto 'Somebody's going to emergency.' Did not fit at all.

*waves* Sorkin is a devil. I must have watched 7 episodes yesterday. Mr P complained that he kept getting drawn in, too, though he didn't want to be.

I haven't seen Sorkin using music well yet, now that I think about it. That song completely baffled me. I was looking forward to the episode, because the title promised me big things. Somebody's going to emergency; somebody's going to jail. Cool! Who? And then I got... songfic? An allusion to lyrics that aren't exactly timeless but are kinda off-target? And yet another proof that Sam gets subplots, but not major arcs.

Contrast with the House producers, who seem to have a vast knowledge of pop music recent and classic. I've bought songs after hearing them on House. I worry that it's kind of a cheap way of manipulating viewer emotion, with music instead of with writing and acting. Heavy-handed soundtracks bug me, and I love turning to Mr P and saying, "The music says we're supposed to care. Do you care? No? Me neither." But it is a tool they have that I don't (the bastids), so it's fair they use it.

I was at my very worst when I got broadband, and could start downloading season six and the first half of seven. My vow to watch just one episode a day lasted... not a day.

Have you seen through to season 7, yet? No spoilers, but Ryan Adam's Desire is used beautifully. Course, that wasn't Sorkin... Oh, and the Jeff Buckley in the season four closer was pretty good. Oh, and hey, I liked 'I don't like Mondays.' Okay, it took me quite a few minutes of sitting here, but there were a few good ones. It's just that the bad ones were so jarring.

Yes, I've dug up a lot of songs from House. And Bones, too.

I'm working my way through start to finish. I'm a couple of eps into season 3 right now. So please, no spoilers for anything later!

Loved the use of "I don't like Mondays" in House. Heh. Hugh Laurie is so much fun.
I'm so jealous. I wish I could wipe my brain and watch it all again. Instead, I watch it with friends, and live vicariously through their reactions.

I love Hugh Laurie. So much.

I feel Sorkin's use of music improves with time (he also gets less preachy, like I mentioned before - some people consider this a downswing, but I consider it a move toward subtlety). "I Don't Like Mondays" is very well used in Ep1S4, and "Hallelujah" at the end of S3 is like a sword through the heart. And the techno in "Commencement" is . . . fitting. Though not in the same way.

He does like his power ballads, doesn't he?

Don't fear, I remember not to spoil!

Yes, the techno is very cool. And the Lisa Gerrard in the follow-up, too. I adore that piece.

There y'go, A. The music does get better from here.

Good, 'cause I <3 techno. Thump thump thump. sahiya has just made me promise not to watch "Barlet for America" until she's on IM doing a simul-cast in the UK, so I'm stuck in early S3 until tomorrow.

Oh dear. Is it time for a WW icon?
Sunday was spent mostly re-watching the CW's "Reaper" which I loved, so of course it wasn't renewed which is sad because Ray Wise as the devil? Perfect.

I also did some writing for my sgabigbang story. Be glad you are not in that fandom because now I can't inflict 40,000 words on you. (I have others I can do that too!)

Other than that, not much. May the luck of the Irish be with you today!
I have successfully avoided SG-1 and SG-A, indeed all SG-prefixed fandoms. Heh. May all the green things you eat and drink today be tasty!