Giles/Xander question

It's a prompt call

spring_with_xan. May 11. That's two months, and I have zero ideas. So I'm writing Giles/Xander; let's take that for granted. The question is, what? Prompt me, friends. Prompt me. No guarantees your prompt will be recognizable: I am the person who took "Giles and tamales" and turned it into "Thusia".

Angst? Rollicking madcap adventure? Romance? Hurt/comfort? Threesome with [fill in the blank]? Smut? Kink? Crossover with Doctor Who? All of the above? None of the above but your own clever idea?

Focus on the Xan-man, please. With Giles. And smoochies of some kind.
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How about Xander traveling and sending letters, post cards and emails to Giles. Finding his way as a Watcher, with moments of meeting Giles in different places as he sends girls to be trained under Giles' and the others care.

When he meets up with Giles, that's where the smoochies come in, with Xander's reactions unfolding as he travels and figures out what he wants from Giles.

Not so much angst filled but more of "I'm not the man I used to be" along with "I'm not who I'd thought I'd be."
How about: Xander in Europe, first time (post-Chosen) so of course he hasta go to Belgium! But you know how European those Europeans are, Xan gets hit on in a pub. Maybe Giles is there to pull the old 'leave him the hell alone' when the suitor gets too pushy. Maybe Giles has to explain to Xander what he's feeling.
Or "Xander and Stuffed Jalapeños."
I think threesomes are my new kink, so I'd like to see that. Xander, Giles, and Buffy. Adarog's was awesome, and you know how much I pretty much can't stand Xander. Ooh, or they could be with Willow. Or Faith. Personally, I prefer Buffy. I love her so.
I like Seldomifever's threesome idea.

Here's a possible idea.

Comfort fic

Either G/B comfort X by giving naked smoochies, or probably even better, the other way around G/X comfort B with ice cream (or gelato) and naked smoochies. Possibly to soothe B after a) break up with Immortal, b) Angel and Spike's deaths. (this looks like a math problem. hehe) G/X+B=comfort+smut

Oh, and Xander is all mature and self assured. Possibly dominant or he has to charm either, or both, into the threesome.

Have fun!