And that in fact sums up our personalities nicely

A coworker was telling us the other day about some t-shirts he'd found with labels from Newton's three laws of motion. One was an object in motion shirt, the other an object at rest shirt.

Coworker 1: I want to be the object in motion.
Coworker 2: I want to be the object at rest.
Me: I want to be the unbalanced outside force!

In other news: Two short things in progress; one will be posted today for sure. Perhaps both. And then I'll slow down and concentrate on my remix story for a while.
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Funny, I never think of you as an unbalanced outside force. More like the engine driving the train. I guess it's a matter of perspective.
Think of me as a would-be agent of change. Or that's what I'd like to be anyway, on my more energetic days. (Energetic. Get it? Ha ha.)
Is it bad that when I see "object in motion" and "object at rest" together in the same paragraph I think of Babylon 5 first and Newton second?