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FIC LINK: Office Hours (Giles/Xander, FRM)

Title: Office Hours
Pairing: Giles/Xander, post season 7
Prompt: He was never going to be able to look at the desk chair the same way ever again.
Kink: Sex on, against, or under furniture
Prompter: freetodream5
Rating: FRM
Word count: 1100
Notes: Cloud Animals verse; follows "Slow Rise", but no context necessary.

The bolt was easily ripped out of the wall, but it was more the symbolism of the thing...

For some reason I never seem to be able to turn on the smut for rounds_of_kink. *insert puzzled look* But the scenario that came to mind is Cloud Animals verse, and I'm just not getting smutty for that one.

One more later today...
Tags: fic:giles/xander, fiction, series:cloud animals

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