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One can never have too many icon slots, I've found.

Well hey! It's my second anniversary here on LJ! That means the second anniversary of my decision to get involved in Buffy fandom. Not quite the second anniversary of my decision to start writing fanfiction-- that would be in April, according to the file creation date.

I marked this occasion by uploading some new icons. Because yay, more icon slots!

Already today I have done some woodworking, preceded by time spent cleaning up after Mr Pedia's aborted rail gun project, which left the garage looking as if... as if somebody's rail gun project had exploded in it. I took one look at the coils of magnet wire and said, "You were building a rail gun, weren't you," at which he looked abashed. He redeemed himself, however, by cleverly tying knots in rope so that my wood object could be hung in mid-air while I rubbed tung oil into it. Woot. Eagle Scouts come in handy every now and then. I think I'll keep mine, despite his epic inability to put tools away after using them.

Okay, now I go write Giles/Xander smut involving a desk chair. Wish them luck!
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