distant longing

I'm having another one of those ideas sleeting through my brain like neutrinos phases.

I think this might be a ficspam sort of weekend. Hold onto your hats. 2 short things on Sunday, guaranteed, and perhaps more.

The problem with short things (anything under 2000 words, if you're me) is that they're like candy. A handful of M&Ms. Easy to write, easy to enjoy, and they provide a short burst of sugary high. But they're not as satisfying as the longer stories. The novellas. Mmm, I love the feeling of having written a novella. Writing them is agonizing at times, mind you. But the longer fic is chewier.

I seem to be in dire need of dinner, here. Perhaps it's time to head home from the office. (For some reason that sentence came into my head in Japanese. I took a business Japanese course a while back. The adventures of Tanaka-san and his colleagues, you know? I don't know the casual verb forms at all. Those classes were fun. I should resume them.)

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum last night, finally. Fab movie; great fight scenes, in this modern trend of fight scenes that feel physically brutal. Love Paul Greengrass. Love the visual references in this film to earlier moments in the series. These movies are so much better than the books they're allegedly based on.
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Ficspam is yay-plus.

I ficspammed my NCIS comms yesterday; was fun, except for the part where LJ wasn't forwarding comment notifications. :p
The short stuff really is like snacking between meals. Satisfying on one level, but you still need the meal eventually. I've written some good stuff that way; February was a month of shorter stuff for me, but I really liked a lot of it.

Snacking too much between meals also sometimes does not leave you room for the actual meal. My life has been taken over by short-ish stuff for ficathons recently and the Harry/Tonks novel is languishing sadly. :-(
Yes. I will back off the shorter stuff in time for late spring Xander and summer Giles fests, because I want very much to have longer things done for those. But right now, confidence boosting short fic it is!