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Is this not inspirational?

Inspirational desktop

Okay, it's inspirational in a carnal way. It doesn't bring the intellectual Giles to the fore. Or the stammering Giles. Or the one who wants a nice cup of Bovril. Somehow I think wickedfox's Giles is not the one that longs to spend an evening cross-referencing.

I just finished a long session of staring at a bunch of diffs describing extensive changes to an application I only half-understand, made by engineers who live half the world away. I am now ready to cease thinking about changes to the data structure used to compactly represent a repeating calendar event, and instead think about carnal things. Such as exactly what sort of stubble burn that Giles would inflict. And if, after he finished stretching, he'd prefer tea, wine, or maybe a little bit of this wonderful bourbon I happen to have. Perhaps he'd like to explain to me exactly how he felt after Buffy made the decision to mumble murfle. Or how he reconciled himself eventually to her desire for murp. If indeed he did. But given that expression, I think he did.

Then I'd like him to get dressed so he can have a fight with a demon. He's likely to be slightly injured, but not seriously. Just enough to ruin yet another shirt. Oh. I just had an idea. Excuse me, I'm off, and this Giles is coming with me.
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