oh dear

Threats, and making good thereon

Prompting now open for a prompt-claim style hurt/comfort ficathon. All prompts welcome, all ratings, all pairings or lack thereof, all scenarios, just so long as there are comforts for the hurts and Giles is involved. Anybody can prompt; no intent to write necessary. Though at 500 words a pop, it's a great way to dip your toe in the water of ficathons!

sahiya is co-organizing this one with me.
Damn you. I've already left a prompt, but damn you.

Sigh. I know I'll be writing.
I am extremely smug just now.

(And blame sahiya! I was about to give up and say I was just too tired to run another one right now.)
Hey Sahiya? Damn you, bitch!

er...and thanks.

(desperately needs an icon for deeply conflicted feelings)
I'll prolly go back and prompt at some point tonight. But I don't know if I'll write. That's my day at spring_with_xan and my birthday, so likely lots of fic for everyone. Might depend on the prompts.
I was telling sahiya that I could approach these prompts two ways: some of them get fast short responses (right around 500 words) and one will get a longer, chewier story. But yay! You will get fic for your birthday :)