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I enjoy counting gratuitous modulations in pop songs.

Am thinking about my two stories due Sunday. I know what I'm likely to do for both of them, but I am in no mood to write just yet. Still recovering from this weekend. Which, by the way, I'm pleased about: hooray the BG ficathon! I still have one person who hasn't contacted me yet, but I also have a master list with a bunch of great new stories on it. I coaxed some of my favorite writers into writing new stories. Therefore, I win! You win! Everybody wins!

By way of proving that I learn nothing from past experience, I am writing up a plan for a Giles hurt/comfort ficathon. I think I'm going to do a prompt collection phase, then a prompt claiming phase, then have a single posting date. Prompts will be who/when/how, maybe. Or something. Maybe I should instead just write stuff instead of running stuff. Give my Inner Rabbit a break.

Then there's the origfic idea, which has been plaguing me and occupying my pre-sleep lucid dreamtime since my London trip. Had long discussion with Mr P the other day about some plausible fizziks I might use as backdrop for the fantasy textures of my post-almost-apocalyptic future. Whatever.

Random: I'm kinda going with the new NIN album as being barely worth the $5 for the digital download version. Eh. And I like ambient electronic instrumental music, as you all well know. The Creative Commons license for remixes, however, might produce some interesting work.

Maybe it's time to wander home from work.
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