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The project report

Current projects, in likely order of completion:

- hetfic_minis Giles round story, this Sunday.
- rounds_of_kink Giles/Xander desk chair smut, this Sunday.
- Giles/Ethan New Years Eve ficlet, in the Antique Roman verse, no due date.
- Tagfic for nutterbudgie: Giles, Holmes, Buffy, scads of snark, no due date.
- Remix Story (ruling from the center of the ultraworld mix), April 12.

After that, we get into the seasonal comm territory, and I'll be trying to write something special for both spring_with_xan and summer_of_giles. The latter is the big fanwriting event of the year for me. I would very much like to sneak a chapter of mumble mumble in there before the seasonal comm mania starts, but I cannot predict.

I might also need another BG ficathon pinch-hit, which I will resolutely attempt not to write myself. I have done much beta-reading in the last few days, mostly of the line-editing variety. The ficathon went pretty darn well, I think! Time to get myself in trouble with another one: it's hurt/comfort season, babeeeee.
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