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Hello, remixer!

Dear Person Remixing me-- Maybe you know me already, in which case you already know what you're in for. If you don't: Hello!

I'm sort of neurotically tidy-minded, so my back numbers are easy to find.
• bookmarks - probably the best access point
• static archive - easiest to read
• LJ fiction tag - uber-complete, but hardest to navigate

I didn't mark any stories as safe. Stuff that's "incomplete" for the sake of Remix:
• "The Adventure of the Sigerson Crypt"
• "Partners"
• "Please"
• "Readings"
• "Reconnection", the storyline in parts 2 & 3 (part 1 is standalone and fair game)

I hope you like Giles, though woah, you've got more options than my last poor remixer had! Last year I had nothing non-Gilesy to offer, but this year I have been branching out a tad. Hope you find something you can dig into. Go for it! Have fun. And be daring.
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