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Oh noes! Two keyword meme-games for a Saturday

Today, while I make my last desperate run at finishing my story, and while I stare in terror at my Remix assignment, I offer you two meme guessing games.

This meme works like this: I pick ten television shows I've watched, then select three keywords from the IMDB plot keywords list for each show. You try to guess the show from the keywords. I have, of course, been fiendish about my keyword selection.

1. Cult Favorite, Doomed Romance, Dark Humor
2. Work Ethic, Office Politics, Politics
3. Time Travel, Mother Son Relationship, Based On Film
4. Male Nurse, Save the World, Hidden Truth
5. Scientist Hero, Exile, Anti Conformity
6. Cultural Diversity, Famous Opening Theme, Male Bonding
7. Space Opera, Ethnic Conflict, Mass Destruction
8. Family Saga, Based On Novel, Character Name In Title
9. Future War, Wit, Anti Hero
10. Science Experiment, High Tech, Small Town

This isn't quite as fun as the Amazon SIP book meme, which stumped my tiny flist of the time, while my real-name blog readers shredded it in about 5 seconds. So! I repeat that game here.

Pick ten of your favorite books, look them up on, and find the list of Statistically Improbable Phrases for those novels. Pick a few SIPs from each book, list them here, and then have people guess what books they are. (Obviously, using Google or Amazon to figure it out is cheating.)

1. spectating fleet, remote delving, wormhole network, drive signatures
2. iron staircase
3. naked stars, blue fire, command chair
4. drive spines, single pack, castle yard
5. gravity polarizer, fusion tube, cargo pod, monopole source, thalium oxide
6. possessive instinct, fair beard, morocco case
7. hundred orbs, captain grunted, silver orbs, fifty leagues
8. purring voice, little revolver
9. aged aged man, little golden key, beautiful soup
10. loblolly boy, sheeted home, starboard guns

ETA: Screening comments just to keep the fun going!
Remaining: one TV show that much of my flist has watched; 7 out of 10 books. (Mr P was able to guess 5 out of 7, but I'm not counting him.)
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