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The Buffy season 8 comics: perhaps not a yawnfest after all

Hmm. Whedon might have succeeded in retaining my subscription. I'd been about to cancel it out of sheer boredom. I might yet.

Jo Chen's cover for issue 16 shows two Slayers, two scythes (actually axes). Buffy. Melaka. Together. Plummeting from the sky in a futuristic cityscape.

If you don't have and don't want a Myspace account to view the scan, let me know and I'll mirror somewhere.

Discuss. Too little too late? Too gimmicky? I find it unsurprising, because it's been clear that Twilight is on course to cause the no-Slayer future of Fray. And Fray is Whedon's personal future Buffy-canon. The question for me is, can the guy learn to write a comics script that doesn't leave me yawning and vaguely irritated that I had to wait a month for five minutes of plot motion? And will there ever be more Giles? I watched the show for the ensemble, and I want the ensemble.

ETA: Here's the cover.
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I liked the Giles they had during the Faith arc, but you're right, there wasn't nearly enough.
Yeah. I'd totally go for more of the two of them running amuck, rescuing Slayers, killing demons, having UST.
I too am getting bored.

I was very excited at first and was totally enjoying all the Buffy/Xander subtext. Then Buffy had to go and spoil it. *facepalm*

I'm still enjoying the Angel comic (but they're only up to issue four so far), but that could also change.

If the yawnage continues, I may just wait for the trade paperback to come out unless Joan does another awesome cover of Xander or Giles.
I haven't read the Angel comic yet: my theory is that if I'm going to read it, I should watch the show first. And I haven't yet worked up enough interest in Mr Broody McForehead to watch it. But I consistently hear it's way more interesting and a better example of comics writing than Whedon's.
I didn't hate Angel on Buffy, but he certainly was better as Angelus there.

On his own show, I absolutely loved him. David Boreanaz gets to be so much freer playing Angel in this show, he gets to have more fun. He gets to be totally dorky and smile a hell of a lot more. And dear god does that man have a gorgeous smile. I think he even has more fun playing Angelus here too.

And yes, even though there are only three issues, I think the Angel comics has packed more punch into those three than the Buffy comics have in all of theirs combined.
My shameful secret is that I like Buffy/Angel a bunch. It's impossible and unhealthy and really only makes sense if you're sixteen, but it was still a moving storyline for me. Don't tell anyone.
You're secret is safe with me.

Psst, I was one a Spike/Buffy shipper, still read it if I trust the author.
Y'know that hawt entrance Giles had with the "I'd like to test that theory." & the coat & the deus-ex-watchina thing? I'm hoping the radio silence is part of that. The #7 cover was beautiful, by fer crissake, Giles is more than eyecandy!
I suspect he's irrelevant to Joss's current vision of his universe. Shrug. I'm loving the world of fanfic more.
I'm hoping. I live in Hope (actually about 3 hours east of it). I vaguely remember a Tony Head interview about season 6 where he said Joss admitted Giles was needed in more eps. And then Mr. Head went all squee about his entrance in TtG. *happysigh* That entrance. *happysigh*
But I'm not reading this as abandoning Giles. I gotta hope that fine many-layered char has many more surprises.
I can't watch season 7. Literally turn off the DVDs. I'm so hopeful Joss fixes it, I'm a little queasy.

Still have a modicum of faith in Joss. A tad.

Marti's not with the comics, is she?
My advice to you, seriously, is not to hope for anything. Relax and take what he writes for what it is. Know that it doesn't matter. From hope comes expectations, expectations that Whedon will certainly not fulfill. That leads to disappointment. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to fear.

And this has been your dadaist peptalk for the evening.
You could mirror for me. I have an account, but have no idea what name I created it under. It was a year ago and I have complete shit for brains.

I hate hate hate the comics. I thought this article helped articulate what is wrong with season 8. Also, too little story for too long a wait. Plus, I hate that the Scoobies are all splintered. Nothing has been explained to my satisfaction. I did enjoy the last one, but now I can't remember why (sfb's again). Comic store guy said that Spike and Angel can appear in BtVS comics, but Buffy can't appear in the new Angel comics due to licensing blahbity blah. I'm guessing we'll get necrophilia sometime soon then. It's a favorite Whedon fetish.
And what about a "Tales of the Watcher" comic?
We should suggest it to Dark Horse....
Any volunteer with powerful secret connection to DH?
My theory: if we want this, we need to do it. Know anybody with a flair for comic-style line drawing? I'm game for learning how to write a comic script.
To be honest, I haven't bothered even reading the comics ever since they did in Ethan. I glance at the pics and ignore the rest. I trust the reviews of my flist and most folks aren't liking the comics. I'm waiting to buy the season 8 as a compilation rather than all the individual issues... unless there's a Giles cover again.
That's probably the wise approach, and pretty much what I'd been planning on doing if they kept boring the socks off me. Which they have been. Sigh.
I haven't read the comics--I can't bear to see what they are doing to the characters. I was pretty disgusted with seasons 6/7 and not confidant enough that they wouldn't kill Giles off completely or make him so old that he just sits at home and sips tea with a rug on his knees. Ugh.
This whole--no plot movement thing--reminds me of the Anita Blake books. Sex, sex, sex and it's soooo boring, but plot movement? an inch forward in each book. I used to really like her characters but ever since Anita turned into a nympho, it's just dull. Here's another case where an author or creator ruined their brain-child. I'll stick to fanfic. If it's bad, I can move on to another story.
I think Whedon hasn't really adjusted to the challenges of writing Buffy for a new medium. I don't think he's ruining it-- I think he has a plan, and it just happens to be not as interesting to us as the TV show was.
Lurker here again. I did get all the comics but I more or less glazed over the first five. Did like the Faith/Giles dynamic in the next few. But have to admit, fanfic has really done much better 'after' stories. Chen's art work is quite nice and I do like her covers. Though Kaoschilde's manipulations put much of the comic art to test. I religiously follow GilesWatchers and have been very pleased about the recommendations and the new stories that are found there. I have so many plot bunnies form in my head but alas I cannot write, just read. I am still hopeful, but with a modicum of cynacism, that the promised Ripper show will go forth. But one never knows and I try to be pragmatic about it. Too optimistic I guess. Vehnu (Sherry)
If Ripper-the-TV-show happens, I will ... um, what will I do? Send you a Giles action figure. 'Cause I am thinking it's just never going anywhere. Sigh.
If the Ripper picture gets done, I won't need anything else because I will have a Giles fix! Not that I wouldn't like an action figure, especially if the Band Candy one ever gets done. I have been looking for that one for awhile but no luck as yet. Vehnu (Sherry)