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The Buffy season 8 comics: perhaps not a yawnfest after all

Hmm. Whedon might have succeeded in retaining my subscription. I'd been about to cancel it out of sheer boredom. I might yet.

Jo Chen's cover for issue 16 shows two Slayers, two scythes (actually axes). Buffy. Melaka. Together. Plummeting from the sky in a futuristic cityscape.

If you don't have and don't want a Myspace account to view the scan, let me know and I'll mirror somewhere.

Discuss. Too little too late? Too gimmicky? I find it unsurprising, because it's been clear that Twilight is on course to cause the no-Slayer future of Fray. And Fray is Whedon's personal future Buffy-canon. The question for me is, can the guy learn to write a comics script that doesn't leave me yawning and vaguely irritated that I had to wait a month for five minutes of plot motion? And will there ever be more Giles? I watched the show for the ensemble, and I want the ensemble.

ETA: Here's the cover.
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