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FIC: Flannel Sheets (Giles/Buffy friendship, FRC, tagfic 17)

Title: Flannel Sheets
Pairing: Giles/Buffy friendship
Rating: FRC
Prompt: gileswench wants a story in which Giles and Buffy contemplate the goodness of some simple pleasure. What one precisely? I don't care. Just make it something ordinary, like watching tv, cooking a good meal, or even making a bed. I'd like something small, domestic, and completely normal through the eyes of people who don't often get to appreciate it. Oh, and if there's a touch of romance, so much the better.
Word count: 460
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I claim no ownership and am making no money.

Buffy unfolded Giles's spare set of sheets and gave them an expert shake across his guest bed. Chilly in the room, chilly in England all around, but these were flannel and-- She stopped.

"Winnie the Pooh? Winnie the Pooh?"

Giles paused in the doorway, his arms so full of blankets Buffy could barely see his face. "Er, yes."

"Giles, why do you have Winnie the Pooh flannel sheets? Is there something you'd like to confess?"

Giles shuffled into the room and piled the duvets onto an armchair already overloaded with Buffy's newly-purchased winter clothes. "Oh. Um. There's a perfectly sensible explanation."

Buffy smoothed out the sheet and got the top corners untwisted and tucked in. "Oh yeah, I bet. And I await it. Impatiently."

"My nephew. I bought them for his fourth birthday. Only it turns out, well, it turns out I missed a memo. He's deathly afraid of Pooh. Tigger in particular, but Pooh by association."

Buffy laughed at the expression on Giles's face, which was bewildered. She moved around and did the bottom of the bed. The sheets smelled wonderful. Nice clean flannel. They'd be toasty. Pillow cases next. Buffy punched up the pillows and tossed them onto the bed.

"His loss, my gain. I like 'em. So do I get to meet this mini-Giles?"

"Oh, yes. Saturday. We're invited for the day. Now, which one of these would you like? This one's got goose down in it."

"Both. It's zero degrees Kelvin in here, Giles." Buffy pouted at him, then snatched up the thinner of the two duvets.

"Right, right, I'll get that radiator sorted. Don't understand why it's not working. I do apologize for the disarray. I hadn't ever anticipated-- well, I hadn't had any guests in the time I was here. Before."

"Yeah, not a lot of time to settle in before the weird phone call." Buffy spread the poofy down comforter over the top of the now-mounded bed. It looked comfortable.

"Buffy, truly, I didn't mind."

"I know. S'okay. Hey. I like your guest bedroom. It has a nice view." And it did indeed-- a lovely view of soggy wet fields stretching out to the south of Giles's little house outside of Bath.

"I rather liked it. Just far enough from the city to feel restful."

It was far, far away from home, and everything smelled strange, and people drove on the wrong side of the road. Buffy's insides already knew that this was where she needed to be right now. Somewhere far from the Hellmouth, and from her problematic friends.

"Best idea you ever had, both of us coming here. You know, when you asked to talk to me I was half-convinced you were going to bolt back here all by yourself."

"What nonsense," said Giles.

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How cute! Tigger can be intimidating, being so loud and ADD. I like the idea of a mini-Giles. This is what he should have done instead of leaving her alone.

Tigger can totally be terrifying, bouncing around like that on his tail. Giles's nephew is being entirely reasonable.

Season 6 fix it, extremely short style :)
My plush Tigger pounces you, on general principles. Piglet says hello.

(We don't have a Pooh, but we do have Arthur, a very wise bear who wears an earcuff. And Fernande, the Parisian duckling.)
My mom sewed stuffed Pooh characters from patterns when we were kids. We had Pooh and Piglet and Eyeore. With his tail held on by a button.
I still have an Eeyore with a button-on tail that my mother had made for me when I was in seventh grade. He's in storage in the cedar chest, though; Piglet and Tigger and Fernande are loose in the bedroom.
I wonder where those stuffies are. My sister's kids might have them. I know my mom would never get rid of them unless they fell apart.
Awww, that's adorable. And also a great S6 fix-it. I love the last line.
Season 6, for some reason, just inspires fix-it fic. From pretty much everybody. What a dismal season.
Well done! Kind of made me want to cry for poor canon abandoned!Buffy. What a creep our Giles turned out to be.

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To whom it may concern:

I wish to point out that last ficlet game was prejudiced in favor of people who are living on the west coast, and against people on the good coast who cannot stay awake past nine-thirty.


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Heee! Okay, I'll save up the next one and post at 6am Pacific time. Assuming I can wake myself up at that time.
That was very lovely. And who could ever be afraid of Pooh!? LOL, nice twist.
Ooo, now if only he'd jump in the bed with her! He sooo shoulda done this on the show. She desperately needed to get away from the Hellmouth for awhile.
"You know, when you asked to talk to me I was half-convinced you were going to bolt back here all by yourself."

"What nonsense," said Giles.

Exactly! What a nonsense that Giles would leave his slayer when she had hit the absolute rock bottom and needed him the most! Everybody else sees this why didn't Joss...stupid Joss :(
I think Joss might not have been writing so much at that point? Blame Toxic Noxon for most of the strangeness of season 6. I do wish they'd bothered to give Giles a reason for leaving I could have believed for half a second. Sigh.
Oh yes. The infamous miss Noxon. Yeah, she had a lot of the responsibility for the problems of s.6 but I think that J.W. must have been on-board with the idea when he wrote OMWF? I don't remember how much he was involved in s.6. Had Marti Noxon completely free regain or did he have some input?
I completely agree with you about give Giles a better reason to leave. (Hell, even I can think about a couple of better reasons!) I think that this was one of many times in the later seasons when they decided to sacrifice the characteristics of the characters for the sake of the plot. In season 6 the main reasons for the plot was to make the characters, and especially Buffy, so miserable as possible.