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Progress report

I had to physically restrain myself from typing that as "progris riport". I do hate my brain sometimes.

Some small progress on the N-LBS: I've decided that my plan for part 5 just didn't do at all what I want, and have thrown it out. And I've developed a nasty case of doubt about a macguffin that drives a segment of part 4. So, you know, the usual situation of write a few thousand words, throw out several thousand words, sit in misery contemplating the words that need to be emitted to replace them. Obviously the thing to do was to jump ahead to section 7 and write a little hurt/comfort bit, so that's what I did.

Then I put the whole thing aside in a petulant fit last night and resumed work on the bodyart kink story. Which has, unaccountably, refused to be weird psychological smut, and has instead insisted on being a weird psychological character-change story. Bah. Giles is being very balky, and Buffy just isn't doing what I thought she would do when I started writing, given that she opens it by murfle murfling. I think it's only going to work if any contact between the two of them is delayed until the end. (Recall what Louis B. Mayer is alleged to have said about the only good plot.)

The two stories are so very different, and the Giles voices are distinct. The N-LBS has a sweet and slightly damaged Giles. The second has snitty 4th season Giles, snarking and venting his annoyances. I'm also trying a more fragmenty vivid sort of writing style in it, if that makes any sense. I like having two projects to jump between as the mood dictates.

Though really I have three: the neglected Holmes story. Sigh. I have not forgotten it. There I get to write 5th season Giles.
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Well you knowI'm here if you need to bounce ideas off someone.

At least you're doing better than I am. I'm getting nowhere at the moment. I don't think Giles want to see Vegas, I'm gonna have to drag him out of the hotel kicking and screaming.
I am telling you, Giles would so need to be dragged out of his Vegas hotel room to see the Strip. And he would bitch once he got there. Run with it!
Okay, keep cheerleading. I just wrote over a page of stuff! *bounces* Not much bitching, but then again it's only a first draft.

Now, I just need to get them into the casion and get Xander drunk. What do you think his drink of choice would be?
Something frothy. With an umbrella in it. Maitai? Singapore Sling? It's got to be a silly drink. Something he can drink two or three of without noticing, before it hits him.