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I can't remember a time when I didn't know this music.

Is there any music that's like that for you? Lots of the early Beatles is in the same category for me. Heard it so young and so often it's part of me. But that wasn't what I was thinking about just now. I was thinking of going for a title as the Treacle King or something. Soppy short fic a specialty. Soppy long fic, too. Everything I write turns out that way: even the kinky smut veers off to romance; the angst is resolved by comfort. Grit and grinding misery are not things I want from my entertainment, except temporarily on the way to triumph.

The problem really is that at heart I'm an optimist, and I love people. And believe they are perfectible.

Wait. This is a problem?

I'm a fluff-merchant. I better learn to deal with it.

BG ficathon story at 4700 words and chugging. Have an interesting pairing for the Giles round at hetfic_minis. Have four million things I'd like to be writing now instead of whatever it is I'm doing. Maybe I'll get to head home some time soon.

Random: DJ Kitteh. Let this one roll for minute. For some reason this amused me unreasonably.
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