I can't remember a time when I didn't know this music.

Is there any music that's like that for you? Lots of the early Beatles is in the same category for me. Heard it so young and so often it's part of me. But that wasn't what I was thinking about just now. I was thinking of going for a title as the Treacle King or something. Soppy short fic a specialty. Soppy long fic, too. Everything I write turns out that way: even the kinky smut veers off to romance; the angst is resolved by comfort. Grit and grinding misery are not things I want from my entertainment, except temporarily on the way to triumph.

The problem really is that at heart I'm an optimist, and I love people. And believe they are perfectible.

Wait. This is a problem?

I'm a fluff-merchant. I better learn to deal with it.

BG ficathon story at 4700 words and chugging. Have an interesting pairing for the Giles round at hetfic_minis. Have four million things I'd like to be writing now instead of whatever it is I'm doing. Maybe I'll get to head home some time soon.

Random: DJ Kitteh. Let this one roll for minute. For some reason this amused me unreasonably.
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I can't remember a time when I didn't know all the words to the Flanders and Swann animal songs. The Hippopotamus, The Warthog, The Gnu, The Armadillo...these songs and so many others informed my psyche from an early age - one too early to recall, in fact.

The Beatles, however, I remember the moment my world changed when I heard Hey Bulldog for the first time. I never knew music could do that before. It was literally awe-inspiring and I was only six.

Most of the music of my early childhood is classical, actually. My father always had the radio on, always to the classical station, KKHI. I vividly remember one of the DJs who happened to have a deep, baritone voice ocassionally breaking into Where Are The Simple Joys of Maidenhood from Camelot on a semi-regular basis.

Oh, and before I could talk, I'd been introduced to Spike Jones and his City Slickers, PDQ Bach, and the Guckenhiem Sourkraut Band. Yes, my musical childhood is deeply schitzophrenic.
I did not discover Flanders & Swann until I was in high school! My second boyfriend ever performed "I'm a Gnu" on the cello. The more music, the better.

At the moment I'm listening to whacky French trance/ambient electronica from Ultimae records. Great writing music, for me. Sets a mood, but doesn't demand too much foreground attention.
Parents=Folksongs. Pete Seeger; The Kingston Trio; Harry Belafonte; The Weavers; Peter, Paul, and Mary; Tom Paxton; Tom Lehrer; Woody Guthrie. My dad playing his Martin: The Fox, Sloop John B., All My Trials. Lots of Musical soundtracks. Sisters listened to Joni Mitchel constantly, and brother listened to disco. I loved it all.

I love people, too. I think that's why I'm so surprised and confounded by them.
I can sing "Charlie on the MTA"-- that's a childhood song. But the version of Sloop John B in my little ears was the Beach Boys'. Musicals were not something my parents listened to; had to discover them as an adult.
My dad sang the Kingston Trio lyrics: I feel so break up, not broke like the BB.

His version of The Fox was Belafonte's I think, cause when the fox made it back to his own den, the little ones said, "Dat-ty bet-ter go back again" in this wonderful stylized Caribbean staccato. God, we should have a recording of that. Why don't we? Hrm.
"Lookin' Out My Back Door" by CCR. In fact, until the house fell, somewhere inside it was an ancient cassette tape from back when they were state-of-the-art technology that recorder my mother and I singing along to that song. I was approximately two or three- certainly too young for many words. So you can imagine what it sounded like... :)
I have no idea what that song is, and I cannot identify "CCR" by the initials. Wait, wait, Creedence Clearwater Revival? A segment of 70s music I don't know at all.
Yep, that's the band. You *know* what your in for next time I have access to both 'Tenna and music now, don't you? ;)
Aww, c'mon. Creedence isn't that bad. A lot of their songs are fun in a very summertime kind of way.
The problem really is that at heart I'm an optimist, and I love people. And believe they are perfectible.

Me too.

As for music,for me it's a lot of my father's music and some of my mother's -- so, early 60s Latin jazz, Oklahoma! and The Sound of Music, etc etc.

[sends tea]
We must persist in loving people even when they are perverse and sing "Edelweiss". Perhaps even especially then, because they are bewildering the Nazis when they do so.
Dar Williams music is like that for me. I haven't known her music since childhood (probably because we're the same age...) but I feel like I have. She's helped shape who I am at this part of my life - does that make me a crazy person?
I don't think that makes you a crazy person at all. I think that makes you normal. At least in this crowd!