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Friday night lights

Signups are open for the Giles round at hetfic_minis. Requests are already in for Giles with Cordelia, Dawn, Willow, and Jenny. Give it a shot! 500 words! Like falling off a log!

Outlined my Every Slayer Needs a Watcher story last night. 5000 words, I'm thinking. Want to take bets on long it'll turn out to be? Winner gets to laugh at me. Wait. sahiya is already laughing.

mythichistorian: Seeking Sanctuary - Giles/Buffy, FRT
Last night I was restless and stuck on my own writing, so I went over to ODD and clicked on a few random author pages. Junk everywhere to be found. So I chose a reliable known-good writer, and picked a story I'd read only once. It was this one. Had to post to giles_fic_recs immediately (which I excused as okay since I'd missed my day Monday and so had whoever yesterday's poster was). Writing, characterization, the use of myth and real places, the sparring match on the beach, the implied relationship which might follow-- all good.

sahiya: "Poetry and Power" - Ethan and Drusilla, mentions of Ethan/Giles, FRT
Stacy arrived on my flist here because I liked her writing immensely. More good stuff here, as she has fun with Drusilla's voice.

eurydice72: "Blue, Red, and Grey" - Giles/Faith, FRT
YES. Short, but packs a punch.

The next two were today's GFR picks, and I hadn't read either of them.

Zulu: "Shades of Memory" - Giles/Buffy, FRT
There's some debris left over post-Ascension-aversion, and Buffy has to clean up. This one is plotty, with solid descriptive writing. My reaction these days to plot: yes, please. The relationship happens a little too easily, but I'm okay with that because the plot compensates. And it's my OTP, so I always read with more forgiveness in my heart.

Adele: "Until We Meet Again" - Giles/Buffy, FRAO
Skipped this originally because of the premise (I was not in the mood at the time for a deported-Giles story). This is one where if you're not reading because you love the pairing, you'll stop reading fast. But, you know, sometimes you're really in the mood to get to the smoochie center of the Tootsie Pop. Retreads some of the usual resurrected-Buffy emotional ground, and the characters are sometimes recognizable as themselves, sometimes not. I fear the writer has never been to Paris. Had a thought earlier this week that the wrong details are just as devastating to the fictional dream as absent details are. It's why I shrink in terror from the prospect of writing more historical fiction, and from setting things in places I've never been. Though the expertise of the reader factors in here: how critically will he or she be reading? how stringent is the plausibility test?

I still haven't read heron_pose's final chapters for Gethsemane. I'm saving them for when I need them, if that makes any sense. Because they will not suck and make me hit the back button in frustration.
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