most emphatically

They haven't put me in charge yet. Good thing, too.

The problem is that I have now an army of elves assisting me with bookmarking items for giles_watchers. When I go to bookmark something these days, I usually find that one of the magic elves has beaten me to it. It's amazing and freaky. It'll make me lazy. I mean, lazier than I was already.

My on-going thanks, then, to elves nutterbudgie, seldomifever, and xdawnfirex.

Today I wish to rant about synonym-itis. But I won't. I will confine myself to noting that the word "digits" has entered the proscribed list, along with "ministrations" (in a sexual context) and "engulf" (in any context that does not involve disastrous floods or giant squid).

A full list is available upon request. Just fill out a form in triplicate at any Antennarepublic governmental office.
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A very cranky, swearing elf.
I would like a list please, in hardcopy. So I can BURN IT!! (eheehee fire flames a lighter heeheee)

I have ventured into unknown fic, which is frequently a synonym for 'badfic'). Which is another word for goat piss. I just had a molar extracted, 3 impacted roots, and I CAN'T DRINK HOT LIQUIDS! omgwtfbbq Gotta go find h/c. OK, crank done! Thx!
Re: A very cranky, swearing elf.
I remind you of Sturgeon's Law: 90% of everything is crap. That's 90% of fanfic, too, alas alas.

I re-read old favorites when I'm sick/medicated/intoxicated/anesthetized.
Being serious for a moment, I would say not that "ministrations" is a terrible word. It's an overused one in fanfic, to the point where it needs a vacation for a while. It's starting to show signs of stress. What was once a fresh metaphor is now a cliched phrase. We pat it on the head and send it to the country for a rest cure.
I would like a list please. I figure I will string them together with a few fillers and conjunctions and sell the resulting manuscript to Harlequin.
I only mock Harlequin because I'm too lazy to get off my duff and use their massive resources for personal gain. They are quite kind to new writers and have made impressive attempts to capture new female markets. Alas, I am lazy so we are never destined to be together.
I love ministrations. Digits? Instead of fingers? I'm not sure I remember seeing that one. Giant squid make me think of this horribly written book that an author self-published many years ago called, "Arms, the Sea Spider." Used to howl at the funny bad writing. Now, it's pretty much on par with most of the things I read nowadays. And write, sadly enough.

Sorry about elving. Don't mean to be pesky. It's an OCD issue. I can work on it if you want. Add it to The List.
Never apologize for elving. I love it. It makes my life better. Yay elves!

ETA: And of course my taste is law! If I don't like a word, it's an edict from above! My rule is benevolent! maybe there's a reason they don't put me in charge

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I was just kidding 'bout ministrations. Aren't I funny? Don't answer that. It's actually a serious pet peeve of mine. But nothing, nothing bothers me more than "to do so" as a phrase. Like "Giles proceeded to do so". Canna say why, but it grates on my nerves like something really nerve-gratey.
"Pucker", definitely on the list. "Prick", hmm, it depends on context. As American slang insult, no problem. As word in a sex scene, hrm. I hope the writer isn't trying to be erotic while using that one.
Well, yeah. I meant as a word for penis, under which heading I generally only accept penis, cock, and dick, and the last only if it's from Xander's or similar POV. Shaft and head are permissible if used sparingly.
I'm 100% with you there. "Dick" is more of a younger guy's word, yeah. Huh! Hadn't thought about that.