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They haven't put me in charge yet. Good thing, too.

The problem is that I have now an army of elves assisting me with bookmarking items for giles_watchers. When I go to bookmark something these days, I usually find that one of the magic elves has beaten me to it. It's amazing and freaky. It'll make me lazy. I mean, lazier than I was already.

My on-going thanks, then, to elves nutterbudgie, seldomifever, and xdawnfirex.

Today I wish to rant about synonym-itis. But I won't. I will confine myself to noting that the word "digits" has entered the proscribed list, along with "ministrations" (in a sexual context) and "engulf" (in any context that does not involve disastrous floods or giant squid).

A full list is available upon request. Just fill out a form in triplicate at any Antennarepublic governmental office.
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