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Sunday evening, with sleeping cat sprawled across me

Have started on season 2 of the West Wing. Will not mention spoilers, but I very much enjoyed the first two eps.

theblackmare, I was thinking of you today as I drank gunpowder tea.

Mr P ran off with my Banks yesterday, but made up for it by reading the first section to me while my headache was at its worst. I love being read to. This is one of the things that makes alixtii's response to my prompt (for the hetfic_minis Buffy round) extra-fun for me. Though six hours of reading! Would Giles have a voice left? He must have used magic.

Note also that I have finished and posted a story, and I feel much better about my writing mojo today. Though brilliance is beyond me, I shall aim for solid, stolid entertainment. My next project due is Buffy/Giles for my own ficathon. That is why I'm writing HH5 right now. I procrastinate from writing by writing.

alixtii: By Her Side, Giles/Buffy, feedback left (has library jokes!)
froxyn: Life on a Hellmouth part 6, Giles/Buffy
For Xander's Sake, Giles/Anya
mythichistorian: Jolly Holiday part 9, this section all about Anya/Xander, feedback left
noelia_g: A Story of Shoes and Cookies, Giles/Buffy, feedback left
anidada: Court and Spark, Giles/Ethan

To-read list:
heron_pose: Gethsemane chap 14, chap 15, Giles/Anya

I'm not batting a thousand with the feedback, am I. Sigh.
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