Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

West Wing season 1 mainlining in progress

Crippling tension headache all day. Watched oodles of the first season of West Wing from a hot bath, which relaxed my shoulders enough that I stopped wanting to die and decided to watch some more out of the bath while de-pruning. Sorkin is at his best when he resists preaching, and he doesn't always manage it. I'm a sucker for his issues, but I have learned to wince when that un-subtle music swells under somebody talking in an inspirational manner.

Wanted! CJ/Danny fic recs. Of the sort that treats them both as intelligent adults. Does non-soppy fic exist? How about CJ/Giles crossover fics? (I'm just guessing there's zilch out there.)

Also: my hetfic_minis story is twice the required minimum and not yet actually a story. Argh. Head. Hurt. Ow. Could not write at all today. Except that in the bath, I had a huge insight into how Blackmail 3 needs to proceed. Too bad it's not what I need to write now. Or even next. But! Smut incoming!
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