West Wing season 1 mainlining in progress

Crippling tension headache all day. Watched oodles of the first season of West Wing from a hot bath, which relaxed my shoulders enough that I stopped wanting to die and decided to watch some more out of the bath while de-pruning. Sorkin is at his best when he resists preaching, and he doesn't always manage it. I'm a sucker for his issues, but I have learned to wince when that un-subtle music swells under somebody talking in an inspirational manner.

Wanted! CJ/Danny fic recs. Of the sort that treats them both as intelligent adults. Does non-soppy fic exist? How about CJ/Giles crossover fics? (I'm just guessing there's zilch out there.)

Also: my hetfic_minis story is twice the required minimum and not yet actually a story. Argh. Head. Hurt. Ow. Could not write at all today. Except that in the bath, I had a huge insight into how Blackmail 3 needs to proceed. Too bad it's not what I need to write now. Or even next. But! Smut incoming!
I'd take a look over at the The Jeds to begin with and then follow the breadcrumbs to the good stuff from there.

Sorry about the headache!

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Dead links a plenty. Sigh. This sort of thing is why I often think the One Archive to Rule Them All idea is a good one. And why I donated some money to the Buffy Giles archive (and why I really will write some software for them soon)-- because I hate it when stories go away.
Aaaack, that sucks. Hmm . . . *goes away*

*returns triumphant* Ha! I knew that a fandom as organized as that one had to have its own archives. Check this out!
So sorry to hear about your headache -- I hope today is a better day for you.

[sends tea]
West Wing is love. I think CJ is one of my favorite characters. Allison Janey went to college at my alma mater and one of the English profesors I took had her in class and spoke often about her when the West Wing first became popular.

For recs, try crack_van, in their memories section. They will likely have a whole page for West Wing fic and I know they have one for crossovers, I've seen CJ/Giles, I just don't remember where.
CJ/Giles: And Who Does CJ Call?, written for the "Woke Up In Vegas" challenge at TtH. (I find that challenge really frustrating: there have been so many stories for it that are only a few chapters long that have really good setups and stop just when it's getting good because the requirements of the challenge have been fulfilled.

I like CJ, but my favorite pairing is Josh/Donna, so. Can't help you much with recs for CJ. I will note, however, that there are far more CJ/Toby fics out there than CJ/Danny fics.

And, hey. It's good to know where stories are going, right?
That premise, I say, that premise, my friend, is a story opportunity that has not been properly explored. CJ and Giles wake up in a Las Vegas hotel room next to each other. Hijinks (or angst? or smut or what?) ensue.
And PS: CJ/Toby sparkage definitely. I am not yet seeing slash anywhere in this show other than some Josh/Sam potential. Mind you, I am not the slash goggles person.
Oh, I'm not a slash goggles person, either. But. After you watch episode 17 of season two, "The Stackhouse Filibuster," you really really really need to read Crazy Old Grandfathers. But not until then, because it's an episode addition. It is an interesting pairing that kind of breaks my brain, but the author makes it work here.