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I discovered today that I have Monday off. This is great news, because I'll need to write my Every Slayer Needs a Watcher story post-haste. I just sent out the halfway-mark reminder. Time for me to panic!

Next ficathon, by popular demand, will be the Giles Hurt/Comfort ficathon. Any pairing or lack thereof, any rating, Giles hurt, Giles comforting, all welcome. I'll probably do a "pick a prompt from the list" approach for that one. More details, um, eventually.

I tagged another two months of back issues in giles_fic_recs. The content tags aren't all that great-- I can really only do them if I've read the story. Reading just to tag is fun, but it slows down the process considerably. The author tags are filling in nicely, however. Most frequent tags: giles/buffy, gen, and post-series.

Signups open soon for spring_with_xan. I am already planning what to do with a day there. I will finish "Partners", I think. Had planned to finish it for my second day last year, but had a bit of an issue with "Dust on his hands from the sky" taking over my brain. But this year: definite return to Xander as Watcher, Giles as head of New Council, Kennedy viewed from a new perspective, and a suspicious rift in Cardiff. And hey! That will resolve a work-in-progress!

Or I could just go for smut and finish "Rough Boys". Or, um, both. We'll see.
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