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The week in numbers

4 bottles of BPAL on the way, according to the click and ship this morning. Always a joyous moment, seeing the mail from the USPS. Not quite as joyous as opening the box and inhaling, but close.

23 tasks in my task list, and still growing. I have been putting my entire life into OmniFocus. I'm not sure if I'm scared by seeing the extent of my commitments, all in a lovely list, or pleased I've found a tool that allows me to track them more reliably than I can in my head. OmniFocus at least allows me to hide tasks that are irrelevant at a given time.

5 stories touched in the last few days:
- untitled Giles/Ethan New Year's Eve (yes, 6 weeks late on this one)
- hetfic_minis Buffy round assignment
- HH5, Giles/Buffy
- Blackmail 3, G/B
- Tradition & Protocol 2, G/B

My subversion fic repository is at revision #753.
I am down to 97 unanswered comments.
I bought 4 songs from Amazon's music store yesterday.

I contributed 4 prompts for the upcoming round of rounds_of_kink, but there's almost no BtVS activity there. I might be reduced to writing my own prompts. Assuming I can ever finish anything ever again, oh woez. (Hit me over the head, please. Thanks!)

20 minutes: time until my next meeting.
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