Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Things I like: new on the list

1. Kiln, Dusker. Downloadable from Amazon's MP3 store. Try "Korsaire [Airplaneshadows Rebuild]" and "Sunsethighway". And "Airplaneshadows" itself is a stunner. I think I'm in love.

2. The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer Glau kicking the living crap out of everything around her hits one of my fannish kinks, hard. Kick-ass women, yes, please. And Sarah Connor herself, yes, she can be my hero as well. Especially when flinging a not-very-recent-vintage Yammie sportsbike at a robot.

Note that Sarah doesn't seem to have wrapped her mind fully around the paradoxes involved in a time war. Kiddo, no time is safe. Ever.

Also: my hetfic_minis story has a title and a concept, if not much of a plot. It's more of a mood than anything else. No time for more scope.

How was your weekend? Mine was pleasant! I saw gileswench and we made Mr Pedia watch the fluffy doggie in Due South.
Tags: life, music

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