Buffy blindfolded

Things I like: new on the list

1. Kiln, Dusker. Downloadable from Amazon's MP3 store. Try "Korsaire [Airplaneshadows Rebuild]" and "Sunsethighway". And "Airplaneshadows" itself is a stunner. I think I'm in love.

2. The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer Glau kicking the living crap out of everything around her hits one of my fannish kinks, hard. Kick-ass women, yes, please. And Sarah Connor herself, yes, she can be my hero as well. Especially when flinging a not-very-recent-vintage Yammie sportsbike at a robot.

Note that Sarah doesn't seem to have wrapped her mind fully around the paradoxes involved in a time war. Kiddo, no time is safe. Ever.

Also: my hetfic_minis story has a title and a concept, if not much of a plot. It's more of a mood than anything else. No time for more scope.

How was your weekend? Mine was pleasant! I saw gileswench and we made Mr Pedia watch the fluffy doggie in Due South.
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Forcing Mr. Pedia to watch Due South was awesome.

Also, it was fun feeding you guys blueberry scones.

We must do this again soon.
hey, if you and gileswench are 1) working your way thru Due South and 2) want another conspirator, drop me an email. I'll bring supplies (cookies, alcohol, whatever).
Project De-Clutter the Living Room is in progress. There will be a venue for group viewing some time soon.
fwiw another option is my place. I spent a good bit of time recently decluttering, and we have new couches and a new flatscreen (thanks to Mr. West's bonus check last year). So holler if y'all ever want to decamp to Chez West for a change in venue.

The flatscreen HD is my tentative plan for the Fun Slice of the upcoming cash reward. Ah, the modern world with its modern goodies! But we should put yours to use :) I think da Wench might need some transport from her part of the world, though, which I can surely do.