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More shallow fannishness of the medical variety

I always look away during the magic school bus cam segments of House. Also, any scene that involves blood. I am so squeamish. Mr Pedia laughs at me.

I am not missing Chase and Cameron at all. I find myself uninterested in their perfunctory appearances in every other episode, or whatever. Get rid of them; whatever; I don't care. I'm enjoying Foreman a lot, though, in his role of elder duckling, and proto-House. The new ducklings are amusing, and I completely enjoyed the process of selecting them. The great thing about that storyline is that House's threats had teeth, unlike every threat he ever made to the CCF-era ducklings.

The Antarctic doctor plot was interesting. House was seriously hooked by her. You noticed that in the video conference call where he hung up on her, he was in shorts. He was willing to expose himself in a meaningful way, in response to her earlier jab at him: his leg was bare.

The last two episodes have finally given me the Wilson subplot I was hoping for. Heh. I had fun watching CTB/Amber in action, and am happy to see her return to the series. However, I do have a complaint: I would like about three times as much Cuddy as we've been getting. More Cuddy! More Cuddy!
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