In which the writer enjoys guilt spasms despite non-stop havoc

Argh. Haven't posted fiction in over a month. This is alarming me. Yes, I know that I was on vacation for half of that time, but still. And yes, I know there will be at least two ficathon stories coming due soon. But still! For various reasons, I got no writing done this weekend at all. Unfinished WIPs, stories ripped apart and lying in pieces on my office floor, stories in first draft status that need love, stories that I could be finishing now. The original fiction idea is sitting in the note-taking phase, gathering dust. Guilt! Fear that I've lost my mojo and will never write again! Aigh!

Obviously what I need right now is a good solid round of catastrophizing.

Or a nice quiet evening at home. That would work. Can you and your associates arrange that for me, Mr Morden?
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What? After our lovely meta session over sushi and four eps of Due South, you didn't manage to write anything? Clearly next time we need to have a Buffy marathon and in depth wankage.

Now go! Write! (cracks whip) Dammit woman, we needs our smut!
I didn't manage to write. And the housework didn't get done either. It was total lossage. Though! I did buy S1 of Due South for myself, so I can have that, um, asset to view any time I want.

PS: I think my cellphone might have run away and set up housekeeping in your couch. If you see a silver Razr, spank it for me, would you?
Okay, having read this, I went searching in the sofa cushions, and guess what?

I'm spanking it now.

Yay! for Due South!

Asset. (snickers) I know whose asset you're viewing.
The writing will return for you. Good thoughts!
You have not lost the mojo. You're just out of your routine (and possibly also have a touch of Story Completion Anxiety). Have you tried writing in the mornings like you mentioned before?

ETA: Okay, here's my real advice. Pick a story. ONE STORY. Finish it. Go to the next. You have too many things going at once and only one can be finished at a time. The others get to wait in the queue. Be ruthless!

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I think you should go borrow sahiya's ending fu. Not steal, because I do want my birthday present, but maybe you could share.
[grabs Morden, wrestles him away from you]

Vorlon lightbulb joke!

How many Vorlons does it take to change a lightbulb?
Just one, but in the great old days of Republic hundreds of servants would change a thousand light bulbs at our slightest whim!
Huh. I only write when I'm unhappy so I'm rarely guilty about it when I just lay everything down for a while. Perhaps it's not so much losing your mojo as preferring to be in the moment for the last month?
I've always been with Balzac on this one-- the writer needs to lead a happy calm bourgeois life. With lots of coffee.