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In which the writer enjoys guilt spasms despite non-stop havoc

Argh. Haven't posted fiction in over a month. This is alarming me. Yes, I know that I was on vacation for half of that time, but still. And yes, I know there will be at least two ficathon stories coming due soon. But still! For various reasons, I got no writing done this weekend at all. Unfinished WIPs, stories ripped apart and lying in pieces on my office floor, stories in first draft status that need love, stories that I could be finishing now. The original fiction idea is sitting in the note-taking phase, gathering dust. Guilt! Fear that I've lost my mojo and will never write again! Aigh!

Obviously what I need right now is a good solid round of catastrophizing.

Or a nice quiet evening at home. That would work. Can you and your associates arrange that for me, Mr Morden?
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