Puppy Bowl IV in high-def: best invention ever. Except perhaps for the Kitty Half-Time show, which has 50% more fuzz. (Did they have it this year? Our party wanted to watch Tom Petty, so that's what we did.) Abigail completely pwned the field and earned that Most Valuable Puppy award. No contest. I would have paid to see a field full of Jack Russells all running around madly like she did. Awesome.

Now we watch House.

ETA: Kitty Half-Time show on YouTube.
They aired Puppy Bowl ealier in the afternoon and then repeated during the game. Before the game I watched it at home and really liked the kitty half time show. It was cute! But only two of us at my friends party voted to watch it during the half time show and we were out voted.
We mostly watched the airing right before the Super Bowl, to tell the truth. We hopped over to it several times during the boring football-related segments of the half-time show, but alas! no kitties during those windows.
She was amazing.

Also, the retriever/st. bernard mix. Twice as big as every other puppy!
And there was a husky-ish breed there that was huganic as well! Towering over the poor little corgis. And the Bernese Mt Dog, also huganic.
We only watched the kitty half-time show. Very cute, although they seemed confused when the confetti was dumped on their heads. It's hard to beat kitties.

I loved the kitten who was trying to climb out of the ring by hopping onto the goalposts in the "end zone". Vertically mobile! Hoppy!
The kittens are very cute, but I'm don't understand the concept of puppy bowl. I take it that it's a parody of the Super Bowl, but what do the puppies do? And how do people vote for them?
Well, they just sort of ran around a field that looked a lot like a mini football field, being puppies. The NFL announcer himself is there doing voiceovers. There are some other football jokes made, like the ref throwing the penalty flag when a pup peed on the field. The puppies play with each other and basically are their cute selves. The viewers voted on the MVP.

The concept, I guess, is to give people who can't stand the Super Bowl something else to do on Super Sunday.

The Amimal Planet site has a bunch of video from this year's puppy bowl. If they block that from your part of the world, there's a bunch of short vids on YouTube. Here's the MVP behind-the-scenes.

Lordie, they were cute.

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