In which the writer is in full id!fan mode

I made-- forced! at gunpoint!-- gileswench show me a lot of Due South, and we admired Paul Gross's ass acting. Fraser is just such a fabulous character. If you love Corporal Carrot, you will love Fraser. RayV's kvetching is adorable as well. I nearly snorted the Wench's fabulous berry pie through my nose several times while watching. Much love.

Mr Pedia and I caught up on Torchwood tonight. Well, it's science fiction. On television. Not just the usual fantasy-plus-lasers crap we get. There is, if not actual rejoicing, at least appreciation from Mr Pedia. I loathe and enjoy all the characters by turns, though I suppose Gwen comes in for the least loathing. And wait, Toshiko has been pretty great this season. Okay, I loathe all the male characters on Torchwood. Gwen/Tosh slash nao plz.

Look! Heroes action figures! I might need to have Hiro and Mohinder on my desk at work.

And that concludes this evening's exercise in fannish shallowness. Now I go write h/c prawn. Wait. That's shallow too.
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h/c prawn is the bestest prawn.

Mmm, Due South. Haven't seen it in ages. Red, White, and Blue is my favorite ep ever.
Due South is on my (very long) list of things to eventually own.

I think I want a Hiro and a Mohinder too. My only question, where's Matt and Noah? I'd want them too.

I did send you something to look at, lemme know if you got it.
I gots it! I have read it! Have started typing into the file. However, my #1 reaction: more. Wait, in catspeak: MOAR PLZ. Will be more specific in the document.

You knew I was going to say that.

And yes, do watch Due South some time.


thought you should know.
Because they start out angry at each other, and you skipped that part. It was partly a misunderstanding.
touche. no, actually, they're still mad and i can't even get them in the same room. drat. DRAT.
It's time for Plausible Plot Contrivance to force them to work together, during which time they snark at each other a whole lot!
10000_pixels does such lovely work. And finds such great moments.

Mr Pedia, btw, says I am crazy, and that the plausible plot contrivance should be something that keeps them *apart*. But because they love each other, they fight Plot Contrivance so they can get together and yell at each other and explain how mad they are.
i think i'm spending too much time worrying about my prompt. and i think you and mr. pedia both have valid points. it can really go either way. all i know is they're going to be mad regardless.

I nearly snorted the Wench's fabulous berry pie through my nose several times while watching.

Yes, and then there was the time I nearly made you snort sushi through your nose.

(grovels for forgiveness...sort of)

It's funny, but I got hit with a mini-plotbunny for DS while watching They Eat Horses, Don't They...and this morning I found a DS prompt at rounds of kink that fits it precisely. I may need to snag that prompt and write it up.
Oh, yay! I need to look at the current bunch of Rounds of Kink prompts. (Kink isn't always leather, in the case of that comm!) Need to write another short thingie for the upcoming round. If necessary, I'll write one of my own prompts. There's one for Giles/Faith and tattoos that could be cool.
I even posted a couple prompts. I hope someone takes me up on at least one of them. I put up a B/G and a Fraser/RayV one. No leather. No pain. One age gap and playfulness, one first time. Guess which is which!

I can't do G/F justice at all, but if you write it I bet it will be good.

Fabrisse put up a Heroes challenge that's actually whispering my name a little, too. I'll have to see if I can come up with an actual plot to go with the image, though.