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In which the writer is in full id!fan mode

I made-- forced! at gunpoint!-- gileswench show me a lot of Due South, and we admired Paul Gross's ass acting. Fraser is just such a fabulous character. If you love Corporal Carrot, you will love Fraser. RayV's kvetching is adorable as well. I nearly snorted the Wench's fabulous berry pie through my nose several times while watching. Much love.

Mr Pedia and I caught up on Torchwood tonight. Well, it's science fiction. On television. Not just the usual fantasy-plus-lasers crap we get. There is, if not actual rejoicing, at least appreciation from Mr Pedia. I loathe and enjoy all the characters by turns, though I suppose Gwen comes in for the least loathing. And wait, Toshiko has been pretty great this season. Okay, I loathe all the male characters on Torchwood. Gwen/Tosh slash nao plz.

Look! Heroes action figures! I might need to have Hiro and Mohinder on my desk at work.

And that concludes this evening's exercise in fannish shallowness. Now I go write h/c prawn. Wait. That's shallow too.
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