The projects in progress: as usual, the list is long.

Helios Hyperion 5 (which is really more like HH1b in time sequence) is making good progress. Maybe I am halfway toward a first draft. This is the story jump-started by your prompts the other day.

I have a kernel of an idea for my Every Slayer Needs A Watcher story. I might repurpose an existing story-in-progress. Or not. My theory is that I'll send the half-way reminder email in mid-February then start running around in circles panicking.

I signed up for the Buffy round of hetfic_minis, because mmmm, Buffy-love! They need more signups. sahiya, stop glaring at me. It's only 500 words. I can do that without stressing!

Am going to finish a Giles/Ethan thing in progress, because I am strangely wanting to mix in some slash writing with this spasm of hetshipping. Slash, het, gen, I love them all. Giles. Having relationships. With sex. Or having adventures, sans sex. I am in favor of all these options. sahiya has cadged from me a promise to finish "Partners" for spring_with_xan, so there is Giles/Xander in my near future as well. And I rilly rilly desperately want to continue my Doctor Who crossover (schoolboy!Giles and Ethan on the Tardis, with the Second Doctor).

I did have a wanky rant here, but I deleted it. In its place, I offer you this sketch on the history of predictive text input swearing.
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I signed up for hetfic_minis after much deliberation because I have a lot on my plate right now, but like you said, it's only 500 words. And I seem to work well under pressure.

I will be sending you my "Every Watcher Needs a Slayer" story probably by tomorrow. And am working on possibly smutty B/G for you. *G*

And there may be fic of the Willow/Riley variety being sent to you in the near future. If I can get them to do more than talk. Or not.

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How can you be so far ahead of me? HOW? HOW? I haven't written anything for mine, and here you are getting me to beta-read yours! I weep.

I'll happily read it :) Even Willow and Riley. I am curious how you can make that one go.
Inspiration is all I can chalk it up to. And plenty of time off to write. *sighs*

Willow and Riley are a bit of a mystery to me, but I think I'm making it work. I hope I'm making it work.

At least it's not the Angel-doesn't-get-turned-epic-bunny that I got bit by.
It's only 500 words.

Yeah. Keep telling yourself that. I signed up for five choc_fic prompts because after all, they're only 100 words each. The four I've written so far? Average about 1900 words each. Applying that here would make the end result about 9,500 words. Which sounds about right, considering your propensity to write longer storylines than me.
500 words. I laugh at you.

Shall we all start a betting pool on how long it will actually be?

Yay, Partners! And I assume that HH1b is the h/c smut? *bounce*