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The projects in progress: as usual, the list is long.

Helios Hyperion 5 (which is really more like HH1b in time sequence) is making good progress. Maybe I am halfway toward a first draft. This is the story jump-started by your prompts the other day.

I have a kernel of an idea for my Every Slayer Needs A Watcher story. I might repurpose an existing story-in-progress. Or not. My theory is that I'll send the half-way reminder email in mid-February then start running around in circles panicking.

I signed up for the Buffy round of hetfic_minis, because mmmm, Buffy-love! They need more signups. sahiya, stop glaring at me. It's only 500 words. I can do that without stressing!

Am going to finish a Giles/Ethan thing in progress, because I am strangely wanting to mix in some slash writing with this spasm of hetshipping. Slash, het, gen, I love them all. Giles. Having relationships. With sex. Or having adventures, sans sex. I am in favor of all these options. sahiya has cadged from me a promise to finish "Partners" for spring_with_xan, so there is Giles/Xander in my near future as well. And I rilly rilly desperately want to continue my Doctor Who crossover (schoolboy!Giles and Ethan on the Tardis, with the Second Doctor).

I did have a wanky rant here, but I deleted it. In its place, I offer you this sketch on the history of predictive text input swearing.
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