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Is it only Tuesday? It appears to be. Alas.

Still writing. It's going okay. I have a structural thing I'm doing that I kinda like. The trouble at the moment is that I have been going flat out at work from the second I get in until the second I leave. So from 11am to 8pm, think think think, program program. The days leave me little energy in the evenings to think in fiction mode. I'll have to start writing in the mornings, maybe.

Also, in passing, I adore Rupert Giles in all his manifestations.

Major thanks to sahiya this evening for the gift of BSG season 1! Woot! Thank you! Now we'll be able to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Random: Flanders and Swann! Flanders zooming around a Broadway stage in his wheelchair.
Random 2: The 2008 Bad Usability calendar! Bad usability on display for each month of the year.
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Well it's about time you finally bit on that one! You need to watch just for the president, although Baltar's new characterization is awesome- light years from the piggy little man of the original show.
Just don't forget: quit while it's still good- they do their very best to ruin the series after they got a following...
I will consult the flist here about when to stop watching. I am swimming in television to watch at the moment, from last night's House, to last week's Torchwood, to The West Wing, to classic Who, to this. Eek!
I wouldn't stop watching BSG, I'd just start skipping the Kara episodes and fast forwarding through her scenes. Because I get that she has issues, and at first it was refreshing to see a sciffy TV show that actually acknowledged how screwed up people would be after 1/10 of the stuff they go through on the show. Then it just got really annoying, and kind of boring. Because she was never my favorite character even back when her issues were smaller and she was only one of an ensemble cast. When the series became "How can Kara screw everything up this week and yet miraculously avoid all consequences because she's a hotshot pilot and Admiral Adama cuts her way too much slack?" I lost a lot of interest. But the other characters are still great, and then she dies and everything gets much more interesting. (But the episode she dies in is good.)
Oh good, it came! I almost pinged you yesterday to ask if it had, but then I looked at when it had shipped and decided it was possible it hadn't yet and didn't want to ruin the surprise.

On Writing should have been in there as well, btw. If it's not, let me know, 'cause that means Amazon messed up. I'm not sure it'll be as useful to you as it was to me when I read it a few years ago, but it's witty and a fun read anyway (and there's stuff in it about how to sell a novel as well, that you might be interested in).
It did include the Stephen King, yes, thank you so much! I have snatched it away from Mr P to keep for myself. I opened it at random to find a discussion of the virtues of the paragraph, and was pleased.
BSG is cool. But I'll never buy the DVD's myself because it's way too intense--I watch every episode once to see What Happened, and just can't imagine ever rewatching it.