Giles/Buffy chosen

Weekend agenda

✓ Beta-read story.
- Answer 160 comments. (er, I answered about 10)
- Finish mumblemurglehh5bleah and post it today or tomorrow.
✓ Acquire idea for ESNAW assignment.

Do you see "play WOW" or "watch West Wing" on that list? I don't either. I will probably be weak, however.

If you don't have your Every Slayer Needs A Watcher assignment yet, and you are signed up, ping me. I sent 'em out Thursday night.

ESNAW sounds like a 50s-era missile project, doesn't it? And that brings me to today's random: Tom Lehrer, genius, filmed playing TW3 songs.

ETA: Oh dear lord, the scene between Jenny and the magic shop owner in "Passion": could the "as you know, Bob" be any more clumsy? The guy says "you do know that blah blah blah". And this following the not-so-subtle but at least tolerable "Angel is trying to goad you into an outburst of passion" lecture from Giles earlier, setting up the whole thing. And yet. Loving the episode.
Do not play WoW.
Losers play WoW. (I'm on my 3-month hiatus.)

Hellgate: London, now there's a game! :P
Re: Do not play WoW.
Mr Pedia agrees with you. But! I whinge! My 70 rogue finally has the gear to run heroics. And my shadow priest just hit 29 and is melting faces in battlegrounds. Whinge, whinge. I am strong. I am not playing.
That post I made on not watching too much West Wing in one go? We're now two eps away from the season 1 finale. And I suspect we'll finish them tonight.

Oh, and btw, he also wrote a little thing called 'Studio 60 on Sunset Boulevard'. I mention it, just in case you weren't aware.

Passion? The BTVS ep? I must revisit that now, and check out that conversation.
I indeed started my own race through WW season 1 today, despite claiming I'd be strong. I'm far behind you, though.
My holy priest just dinged 64, and my guild is pushing for me to hit 70 and start running Kara. Oh, the addiction...
I am still unguilded. Still wary after my burnout experience 2 years ago, when running a raiding guild destroyed every last scrap of pleasure I felt in playing the game. Molten Core runs FTL. I never want to see that place again. The game is inherently more fun now.
I am surprisingly happy with my guild. I think it helps that a lot of the members are older. My guild leader has teenage kids, for instance. We're doing pretty low key runs, but from what I've seen so far they seem pretty competent.

I'm really happy with some of the changes they've made recently. It reminds me of why I loved it in the first place.
Tom Lehrer is awesome. There was a time when I had memorized the words to most of his songs. By accident, simply from listening to them so much.