Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Weekend agenda

✓ Beta-read story.
- Answer 160 comments. (er, I answered about 10)
- Finish mumblemurglehh5bleah and post it today or tomorrow.
✓ Acquire idea for ESNAW assignment.

Do you see "play WOW" or "watch West Wing" on that list? I don't either. I will probably be weak, however.

If you don't have your Every Slayer Needs A Watcher assignment yet, and you are signed up, ping me. I sent 'em out Thursday night.

ESNAW sounds like a 50s-era missile project, doesn't it? And that brings me to today's random: Tom Lehrer, genius, filmed playing TW3 songs.

ETA: Oh dear lord, the scene between Jenny and the magic shop owner in "Passion": could the "as you know, Bob" be any more clumsy? The guy says "you do know that blah blah blah". And this following the not-so-subtle but at least tolerable "Angel is trying to goad you into an outburst of passion" lecture from Giles earlier, setting up the whole thing. And yet. Loving the episode.
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