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My season 2 rewatch is in progress

I'm about to rewatch "Passion", and attempting to work myself up to it. That is the episode that turned me into a raving fan, but it's painful. Here's a quick rundown of mid-season reactions.

The character flaws that will lure Buffy into her disastrous decisions in "Becoming" are on display in the very first episode.
We're also told, clearly and repeatedly, that Angel is dangerous.
This is the season of Giles. He gets more character development than he ever will again, and a serious (and heartbreaking) arc.
His relationship with Jenny, if allowed to continue: many thoughts in my head about this, which will probably be expressed in the form of story. He's twice shown making it clear to all that his loyalty is to Buffy, no matter how painful it is for him personally.
Xander annoys me.
Willow delights me.
This reaction will flip soon, and I'll be entirely out of sympathy with Willow by the time Oz leaves. From S4 on, Xander will be my favorite non-Giles Scooby.
Speaking of Oz-- he's a bit of a Mary Sue, but it's okay because I like him.
This is the season when I like Spike. And root for him, even though he's evil.
Angel is much more interesting evil than ensouled. He's smarter, too.
I could do with 50% less Cordelia.
The entire series needed far more Ethan Rayne than it got, because he's hugely interesting and fun. All of his episodes are stand-outs.

What do you make of Buffy season 2?
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