Giles/Xander question

Mainlining The West Wing: the options

Look, what good is being home, tired, and unable to go to sleep for jet-lag-management reasons if I don't spend the time writing silly polls? Here's one on the West Wing boxed set that should be sufficiently silly.
Poll #1124579 DVD indulgence

West Wing complete boxed set: which option?

Oh, just buy it. You already know you love it.
Only the first four seasons are any good. Buy those, and don't call attention to the fact that they'd cost as much as the full set.
Netflix it and rip to disk like everybody else does.
Surely some friend owns it. Some friend who did not dance the macarena on her disks.
No. You may not watch television until you finish [fill in the blank].
Hey! I did not dance the macarena on my discs!

dribom did.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. And they play just fine for me.
Oh, and you should buy the full set because then I might actually see seasons six and seven (and, possibly, reluctantly, five again, which I hear got less sucktastic toward the end).
If you also have 5-7, then you can do compare and contrasts on the writing, which really, when you think about it, is a necessity for any writer looking to improve on their craft. Really. Buying DVDs is good for our writing. We know it is, else why would we be doing it?
Oh my goodness, Sorkin's writing in the pilot episode had me wriggling on the couch. So good. So good!
I have no business commenting at all-- I don't watch actual TV and haven't regularly since Star Trek DS9 was still in first run eps.

But I'd love to see more Holmes from you, woman. And Giles.

Glad you had a good time and a safe return.
Holmes story scouting took place :) Now I need to plot the darn thing out. With charts and graphs, probably, 'cause this one's going to be a time travel paradox story. Yum!
I'm so excited you've gotten hooked on these!

Let's be honest, seasons 5, 6 and 7 do not exist. End of story.