Oh noes! tempted by smarm

Having now learned the fannish meaning of "smarm", have urge to write it. Giles/Buffy smarm. Giles/Xander smarm. Core Four smarm. Heh. I enjoy making you hate me. Or making you read things that you'd have thought you'd hate just by definition. I've still got this campaign to take every fanfic cliche I can wrap my head around and write it. And make you like it. Can you list the ones I've done already?

I have many story ideas loaded up in my head at the moment. Probably I'm going to have to hold off on all of them until I can fire one at my B/G ficathon assignment, whatever that turns out to be. 21 signups, yay! The ficathon organizer's curse is to always give him or herself the hardest assignment to match; I just have to hope one of the rounds I already have chambered will work for whatever I end up giving myself.

Plus there is another project percolating, a bit longer-term in scope.

Your random link for the day: most wanted and most unwanted music. With recorded examples.

Meme-age, because I am stuck in my hotel room and not yet sleepy at all: If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?
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I think I like it too :) Having a hard time coming up with examples in my fandoms, though. Oh, yes! Holmes/Watson smarm. It's canonical.
Points to keyboard. Get to work!

I've got a nice long plane flight tomorrow, but I think I will be spending it entirely rewriting a bit of Giles/Ethan h/c smuttishness that's been playing in my head for a few days.
Huh. All this time and I'd never heard of smarm in the fannish context. I've actually written some, I realize, all the while thinking I was writing simple friendship genfic or pre-shipping.

If you do write it - and I firmly believe you should - please promise me you won't have two men French kissing and declaring their love in florid terms and then try to claim there's nothing slashy about it? Because that concept makes my brain 'splode.

As for what if I could mind-control you into writing whatever I want...I firmly believe there needs to be more Puppet!Porn in the world. I would mind-control you into writing a Thunderbirds/Puppet SG-1 crossover simply because I could.

Or else, you know, more B/G semi-plotted smut in a vanilla with sprinkles kind of way. I'd be more than happy with that, too.
I gotta finish my Giles/Buffy, motel room, bottle of Jack, post-"Chosen" story just for you. There's a drunk Xander in it, too.

French-kissing is right over the line into actual slash for me, I think. Actually, I think I've written smarm, sort of. My own Giles/Xander friendship post-"Becoming" story strays in that direction. Non-sexual snuggling qualifies, right? What I need are more examples in fandoms that I have a clue about.

Puppet porn. OMG. All that brings to mind for me is the puppet!sex scene in Team America: World Police, the uncut version. Which is the sort of thing that, having seen, one cannot unsee. Much as one might wish to.
OMG, no you cannot unsee it. They showed it in "This Film is Not Yet Rated." *shudders*

If Da Wench gets you to write puppet!porn, I will laugh and crow with victory. Beware, she's good. I know.
Oh! Dude! Aaron Sorkin writes smarm! Josh and Sam, Leo and President - there isn't, like, cuddling, but there is the occasional candlelight dinner (no, REALLY) and the scenes from "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" between Josh and Sam, and oh yeah, the kiss on the forehead, and the way that they are way, way more important to each other than the women in their lives are to them. And all the while Sorkin goes, "No! They're STRAIGHT! See them date?" (Though actually Sorkin, when asked in an interview why he didn't have any gay characters, responded with, "They're in professional politics. How do you know there aren't?" Which I thought was interesting and was maybe referring to Josh, but having watched his other stuff, I think it's a cop-out.)
Sorkin routinely shows the private lives of professional politicians. So if he's looking away from the gay bits it's a personal issue.
Hi, here because hobgoblin rec'd some of your marvelous fic. I can't seem to find a way to leave f.b. after the stories, but I did want to tell you that I've read "A Soft Place to Land" and "Fenrisulfr" and they are both amazing. I look forward to reading more, and I'm going to friend you, if that's okay.
I think there's lots of smarm in this fandom. I've seen a lot with Angel and Wesley. Write away, I will read it. :)

I agree that there is not enough PuppetPorn. I think you could rip into the X-Files and dissect those characters for years.