Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Things, in order

1. Fewer germs.
2. Euston station.
3. sahiya!
4. Lunch.
5. "Some British museum, or, or the British Museum, I'm not sure."
6. Early dinner.
7. Theater, and the uses of the framing story in enlisting the audience as your willing accomplice.
8. The discovery that London has nothing I'd call a cafe open after dinner. Four hundred million Cafe Neros and Starbucks, and nary a real coffee house to be found. Bah, culture shock!
9. Uncontrollable sneezing + phlegm phase.
10. Southern Comfort + orange juice, on the possibly questionable advice of an flistian. Who, to be fair, recommended honey.

The husband has just made the worst joke I have ever heard him make. Sung to "The Lemon Tree" song. Sung flat. I need to murder him and get to sleep. Night, all!
Tags: vacation

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