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A raven at the Tower of London said "good morning" to Mr P and Mr N. Mr N's head is still spinning.

I will say this about that: January wins if you want to do extremely touristy things like the Tower. I don't expect it's going to be all that winsome a month when I'm tromping around Highgate Cemetery.

I had something else to report but now I've forgotten it.
Ahaahahaha! I'm trying to get to Picadilly Circus from Charing Cross via Hellgate: London. *sigh* Its not the same.
Have fun!
Ah, the Tower is fun! Did you get to see the Crown Jewels?

If the weather is relatively mild, winter is a good time to be a tourist. I did Venice in January two years ago and it was awesome. But I did Amsterdam in the same trip, which was just that little bit colder and we ended up going from Starbucks to Starbucks (or, well, it being Amsterdam, coffee shop to coffee shop, *cough*) because my friend was from Florida and didn't believe me when I said "warm coat."

*dances the dance of one who will be in London this weekend*
At least the raven didn't say "Never more"!

Hurrah for your wonderful holiday, too.
Oh, I can hear that raven now! Though it said good morning to callyperry and not me.

I hope you have a warm coat.
I do, thank you! And layers. Though it hasn't been outright cold at all for us yet, it has been wet off and on.
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Oh, bubby van bubby, I'd written some long boring comment to this entry that I guess I never posted and then seemed to have erased. You lucked out. Glad to hear yer having fun. But come back soonly.
(is jealous of raven talk)

The Tower was a big thing to me when we went there. Amusingly enough, the Beefeater who led our tour looked and sounded a hell of a lot like Ringo Starr. Definitely a Liverpudlian.

But the ravens didn't talk to us.

OTOH, as I took a moment at the spot where Anne Boleyn was executed, it began to rain.

(is great big history geek)
Oh but Highgate in the winter is great!! Wonderful, gloomy atmosphere. Our guide was tall and thin, had a long pink nose and rubbed his hands together with glee (or possibly the cold) through the tour. Just dress warm, but it really is marvelous.
And indeed, yes, it turned out to be great. We had sun today, though it was chilly. The cemetery was wet and green and dripping. The atmosphere was indeed wonderful!