Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Drive-by wave

So far we've taken several long walks through a city drier than the one we left, which was experiencing torrential rain & thunder. London is colder by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, though. Fabulous installation of Anthony McCall works at the Serpentine Gallery, great aeronautical history exhibit at the Science Museum, including lots of Spitfire prawn for the two Spitfire enthusiasts in the group. (You may attempt to guess which two. One of them refers to it exclusively by the epithet "most beautiful airplane ever".)

Much joy, as before, at the differences in the mostly-shared language, as demonstrated by public signage. "Way out" vs "exit". "Give way" vs "yield". "Alight here for [mumble]" instead of... hm, "exit"? I've heard "de-train", but that's an abomination. I couldn't use "alight" in user interaction design for Americans. It would sound affected instead of natural. But I do love it; perfect word for the job. Along the same lines, I'm working up some theories about differences in restaurant signifiers.

Also: London Lush has been visited. Man, we Americans don't get as much Lush stuffs as our cousins over here.

Jet lag is ferocious. There's nothing quite like having to get up exactly when I would have been going to bed. Am attempting to ignore it.

In other news, "Apples, Oranges, and Pears" won best Xander Fic in the Happy Endings Awards round three, which is a fitting award for that story. My schmoopiest story ever, written for my second ficathon ever, to a prompt I was given by mistake. Sometimes I think about what I might have written instead, had I been given the prompt I should have had for that ficathon; would people have enjoyed it as much? Weird!

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