Wimsey tee hee

Drive-by wave

So far we've taken several long walks through a city drier than the one we left, which was experiencing torrential rain & thunder. London is colder by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, though. Fabulous installation of Anthony McCall works at the Serpentine Gallery, great aeronautical history exhibit at the Science Museum, including lots of Spitfire prawn for the two Spitfire enthusiasts in the group. (You may attempt to guess which two. One of them refers to it exclusively by the epithet "most beautiful airplane ever".)

Much joy, as before, at the differences in the mostly-shared language, as demonstrated by public signage. "Way out" vs "exit". "Give way" vs "yield". "Alight here for [mumble]" instead of... hm, "exit"? I've heard "de-train", but that's an abomination. I couldn't use "alight" in user interaction design for Americans. It would sound affected instead of natural. But I do love it; perfect word for the job. Along the same lines, I'm working up some theories about differences in restaurant signifiers.

Also: London Lush has been visited. Man, we Americans don't get as much Lush stuffs as our cousins over here.

Jet lag is ferocious. There's nothing quite like having to get up exactly when I would have been going to bed. Am attempting to ignore it.

In other news, "Apples, Oranges, and Pears" won best Xander Fic in the Happy Endings Awards round three, which is a fitting award for that story. My schmoopiest story ever, written for my second ficathon ever, to a prompt I was given by mistake. Sometimes I think about what I might have written instead, had I been given the prompt I should have had for that ficathon; would people have enjoyed it as much? Weird!

And congratulations on your win, too.

[awaits further posts with joy]
*waves* You posted your Wesley stories! You wrote an introductory section for the first one! Woot!
I did! The first one only needed three more sentences of intro and a tweak here and there, and suddenly I felt the urge to let them fly free!
Hooray for London!

And for award winning stories that are happy accidents!

My muse is being extra productive lately. It is a wonderful thing.
Good to hear from you! Those cats? FOILED AGAIN! I laugh at them. Hi Mr. P! Eeee I'm giddy now.
The boarding place reports by email that they are "shy", but feeding heartily. Poor cats. I wonder if they'll shun us or cling to us when rescued at last.
God, jetlag. It is kicking my ass this time around. I had to haul my butt out of bed this morning about three hours after I finally fell asleep to go deal with middle-schoolers. Fortunately (for them), they were well-behaved and I was well-paid for my trouble, so it all worked out. Lather, rinse, repeat tomorrow.

Friday cannot come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. Glad you're having a good time!
Am having a miserable time finding theater tickets for Friday, though. Planning would have paid off on this one. But I'll find something! I willz!
Is Saturday out for some reason? Though it probably won't be an improvement in terms of finding stuff.
Hmm. Well, I've always been a fan of the half-price ticket places in Leicester Square myself, but that means just taking whatever is available (and I've never had it happen that nothing was available, even in the height of the tourist season). I've seen almost nothing that's on right now (except for Wicked, which I could easily be persuaded to see again), so I'm not particular. If there's something you really want to see, it's probably not the way to go. But it's an option if nothing else pans out.
Tix for Friday night obtained, by the simple expedient of sending D up to a box office in person. Saturday night is still uncertain.

Btw, I have a recommendation for Kew Gardens from a botanically-inclined friend. Have you been?
I have not been! Gardens good. Also very high on my list: Highgate Cemetery. Both of these plans require non-torrential weather. My theory is that we should be slightly flexible and pick indoor vs outdoor on the fly.
Works for me!

Hmm, I just googled Kew Gardens and it looks like they're actually in Surrey, which is kinda far away. Perhaps not, then.

What are we seeing on Friday, btw?
(Longs to be in London again)

Be sure to come back with lots of lovely stories to tell! Hey, do they still sell those Mind the Gap tee shirts for the Underground? I adore mine.

Congrats on your win! I did like that story a great deal.
When I first moved there, takeaway rather than take out was what got me. Also, I still know that sortie means exit (or way out) in French, one of the few French words I know.
"Sortie" to me always has a military meaning first, then I remember the French. Have smattering of useless French, useless because I cannot pronounce anything to save my life.
Totally unrelated to your post because I am trying and failing not to be envious of you crazy kids....

But Holy Crap! Do you have any idea how many fics you posted last year?? I'm trying to put together some recs for buffyversetop5 and-- sorry. May have to wait for the weekend.

Now I'm envious again. Quantity AND quality. Ah well. Hope you guys are having a blast. Do some research while you're there.

Which reminds me-- Mr. Holmes left me a message for you. You need to drop by Baker Street while you're in town. He needs you to take a certain Watcher off his hands again. No need to worry about the Slayer; from the sound of it she's unlikely to survive that long. He sounded a little, er, stressed....

Take care, and give my love to nemaihne. And the misters.
Research: definitely happening. As is absorption of locale, which is difficult to quantify. I sit. I watch. I listen. (Lots of things to listen to, oh my.)
Isn't it amazing that for something that is supposed to be the same language it is SO different. I loved the Mind The Gap signs in the tube. I discovered that jet lag is a lot easier to overcome when you work nights here in the US it took about 4 days to hit my mom when I took her to europe but when it did she slept through a full day and most of the night. Enjoy London it is a magnificent city. Congrats on your win it is (as always) well deserved.
Even something as simple as the bulletin board at the Tesco where I just bought a doodad (successfully avoiding the Cadbury temptation): "customer adverts" says the sign on top. No American would ever leave that word at two syllables! The aesthetic is entirely different. They speak in iambs here, just like I do, but they're different iambs, somehow.