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Signups open over in allthejellies

Hey, hey! Signups now open for Every Slayer Needs A Watcher in allthejellies. I am, of course, utterly insane, but this ficathon should be a thing of joy. Lots of new Buffy/Giles stories! Yay!

All key dates are Sundays. Signups are open until I get back from vacation. I'll do assignments as quickly as I can when I return, send 'em out before the following Sunday, and get things cooking. I will also send reminder emails, since I appreciate those keenly when I'm signed up for ficathons.

Please feel free to promote while I'm off being distracted. If I've screwed up in any correctable way, throw brickbats at me now while I can still fix things.
Tags: fandom:btvs, ficathon, promotion

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