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The word that came to mind when I saw this post about this case this morning was "griefing". That's not a plagiarism case, really. Plagiarism was merely the means the griefer used to troll fandom. The desired payoff was the pages of outraged comments to the stolen story, the proof that the long deception had the desired effect. If you want to frustrate this person, just make him/her go poof from your life: defriend, ban, killfile silently. Interfere with the game's payoff (in the transactional analysis sense).

Don't be another fish in the net.

In other news, I have a signup post ready to fire for the Buffy/Giles ficathon. Am waiting for the second mod of a community to get back to me saying it's okay to use the comm. If I don't have a response by mid-afternoon, I'll just create a new comm. They're cheap, though it would be preferable to use a low-activity comm that everybody is already a member of.

Haven't talked myself out of my software project. Instead have talked husband into it. Ha. Am in the thinking & note-taking stages, but will tip over into some messy implementation soon.

Rainstorm has finally hit us in earnest. Wet and windy. The animals are jibbing when asked to go outside: dog-walks end in sudden U-turns. I am delaying getting out of bed longer than I really should. Sigh.

ETA: Eee! Another nomination: "Breaking Glass" for Fang Fetish round 8.
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I have to think that's the entire point. Attention by means of the stolen words while the deception lasts; then when the inevitable discovery happens, more attention. And proof that the griefing worked, and people are upset. The only thing I can think to do is interfere with the payoff. Though it's too late, really. Three pages of outrage means the troll has successfully trolled.
Some whack-jobs will do anything for attention of any kind. It's sick in both literal and figurative terms and, yeah, I agree the only thing you can do is cut them off. Any kind of reprimand only gives them more attention.
Attention is the reward. It's like with a parrot: you have to respond to undesired behavior by cutting off stimulus to the bird. Making noise or yelling or whatever is reward. "Look! I made the apes jump around!" Instead just throw the blanket over the cage.

In this case, make the guy vanish from every aspect of the LJ fannish community. Quietly. Though it's far too late for that in this case.
Congratulations for your nom, and hugs and an umbrella for the rain! Stay safe and warm if you can. [hugs]
Thank you! I expect we'll get cold and wet, but it'll all be good :) The dogs brought in a split decision on their second walk this morning: one wanted to keep going, and the other stood still. "We're going back inside now, right? We're done with the getting wet thing, right, boss?"