count on you

it's winter in northern California at last

Storm system blowing in; rain is general over the peninsula. From our office we had a wonderful view of the system coming in, with lowering gray clouds and gusts of wind. Lovely windows in this office. The office I'll be moving into when I get back from vacation is a big unknown, but since it's in the Other Building it's guaranteed to be windowless. At least I will have fewer officemates.

Goals for today:
- Fix a few bugs and get the software more or less in shape for my absence.
- Answer four zillion unanswered comments. (My apologies to you if yours is one of those languishing unanswered. Particularly if you are a new friend!)
- Talk myself out of a new software project (hobby not work).
- Make some decisions for the Every Slayer Needs A Watcher ficathon. Dates, rules, etc.
- Write a list of Things To Do Before I Get On An Airplane.

What do you bet that instead I accomplish option Not Appearing On This List? (ETA: Heh. As it turns out, I answered a zillion comments and read the Utu docs with some amount of amused interest. I have just accused Mr P of having written it.)
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this is going to be a crazy storm, i think. i was driving to work and one drop fell on my windshield. then, like 15 seconds later, everything was drenched.
It's totally futzed out down here. It was supposed to be this big huge thing, and we got soaked briefly and then nuffin. No rain at all since the early afternoon. Darn it. We need rain.
Say, just wanted to tell you to have fun on the vacation. The pound has a better exchange rate right now than it's been for months, so whoo hoo.
I'm fighting off pneumonia--got some superstrong antibiotics yesterday and a stern warning from my doctor that the next time my heart starts fluttering around and I can't breathe, don't wait a month. Have fun.
Oh my goodness, pneumonia! Take care of yourself! And tell the dog he's under instructions to sit with you and fetch everything you need. Without slobbering on it too much. If possible.
The dog informed me that slobber is actually medicinal and that I should be grateful he takes the time to lubricate everything for me.
I'll be fine.