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it's winter in northern California at last

Storm system blowing in; rain is general over the peninsula. From our office we had a wonderful view of the system coming in, with lowering gray clouds and gusts of wind. Lovely windows in this office. The office I'll be moving into when I get back from vacation is a big unknown, but since it's in the Other Building it's guaranteed to be windowless. At least I will have fewer officemates.

Goals for today:
- Fix a few bugs and get the software more or less in shape for my absence.
- Answer four zillion unanswered comments. (My apologies to you if yours is one of those languishing unanswered. Particularly if you are a new friend!)
- Talk myself out of a new software project (hobby not work).
- Make some decisions for the Every Slayer Needs A Watcher ficathon. Dates, rules, etc.
- Write a list of Things To Do Before I Get On An Airplane.

What do you bet that instead I accomplish option Not Appearing On This List? (ETA: Heh. As it turns out, I answered a zillion comments and read the Utu docs with some amount of amused interest. I have just accused Mr P of having written it.)
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