slayer needs watcher

In which the intrepid fan attempts to get more of what she wants.

January is, for various reasons, a very blue month for me, and darn it! This sort of blue mood needs OTeaP with milk and sugar. I need some new Buffy/Giles of the kind that I haven't read four million times already. I know that I am not alone here. I have heard plaintive wails from some of you.

Does there need to be a ficathon? A challenge? A fic exchange? Let's see what the interest level is.

Poll #1114725 Every Slayer Needs a Watcher

I'd write for a Buffy/Giles ficathon.


I'd eagerly await the opportunity to read the results.

Look, I'd read anything new and Gilesy.
My heart belongs to Buffy.
I wanted to check options 2, 3, and 4, but your fascist radio buttons prevented me.
I'm meh on this one, but like one of your other ficathon ideas.

Ficathon formats I like are:

Traditional fic exchange, with assignments.
A fixed set of prompts I can select from.
A single challenge that all stories must respond to.
"Buffy/Giles" is enough of a prompt.
Another idea that I will tell you about in a comment.

The pairing is properly written as:

A disgusting portmanteau name, like "Biles" or "Guffy".
That last option wasn't biased at all, now, was it. Sheesh.

If there's enough interest, I'll fire up the ficathon machinery when I return from vacation. Heck, if there's a lot of interest, I'll start the machinery moving remotely. Will have my Macbook with me in sunny, warm England.

ETA: I'm doing it! Signups are now open!
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i lied about having another idea left as a comment. i just wanted to tick all of the ticky boxes. TICKY BOXES! but yes! ficathon! doooo itttt.
I think there's enough interest from writerly types to make it worth running! I will make it happen.
"That last option wasn't biased at all, now, was it. Sheesh."

But I happen to agree with the sentiment ;)

My problem is that while I love reading good B/G fiction, I have never had any kind of an urge to write any. Actually, my level of desire to write BtVS fiction in any form has always been proportionally quite low to my enjoyment of reading good BtVS fiction. Though if I got a really cool prompt, that might change.

You know what I'd kind of like? You know those old "green card challenge" stories? So many of them were just good enough to pique my interest, but not enough to make me really like them--too many of the difficulties of the relationship got handwaved. (Which is actually my problem with most B/G fic, come to think of it--either the difficulties are handwaved, or the story is a huge angst-fest where almost everybody involved loses all sense of humor, proportion, maturity, etc. You can write a happy medium, which is one of the reasons I love your fic.)
I love that green card challenge and the results. I would love to write one some day where the adjustment period is truly horrible. Though the story setup is generally very cracky. I knew a couple once who had to go through that. He was a physics grad student from Australia. She was an American professional. They'd been together for ages, had a kid together, but the IRS was still hell-bent on proving the relationship was a fake. Made their lives miserable periodically.
I said I'd participate, but it's really more of a "I say yes now, but I do not yet have syllabi for this semester."
I've been poking at more. I need to understand entirely where the next 7 sections are going before I post the first one, though.
The Giles Gen ficathon also sounds like a good idea. Or! A Giles h/c ficathon like headrush100 ran back in the day (i.e. before I was in the Buffy fandom).

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Oooh. h/c is always a winner, and that ficathon produced some great stories. I'll add that to the list. I'd really like to do the Ripping Tales ficathon soon as well (pre-series Giles, during his rebellion phase, preferably with loads of Ethan).
I wussed out and did not commit to much except that I'd love to read the results and the proper term is Buffy/Giles. I defer to your apparent preference of Giles/Buffy for the comms, but Buffy's the hero, and deserves top billing.

In my fantasy world, I would love to write fore a B/G ficathon. In real life, I'm not sure I'm up for it.
In Giles-related comms, my practice is to put Giles first in tags, pairing listings, etc. If there's no character-centrism at play, they should go alphabetically. (Don't ask me why I actually thought about this, but I did. Can't help it.)

How about if I made the minimum length nice and short? 750 words? Wouldja write then?
I'm always up for some fiction challenges, although they usually have me pulling my hair out when I'm doing them. It'll be fun, though.
That's the universal reaction. We must all moan and wail and panic while writing, and then it all turns out fine.
Oooh, I miss Giles/Buffy. There should be more, so I wholeheartedly support the ficathon idea.

And I need a break from writing my thesis, too :D
I probably have more than enough to do/write at the moment, but what the hey ...

If you prompt me, I will attempt to be inspired. If you challenge me, I'll try to answer it. And if you say 'just write,' I'm sure I've got a plot or two lying around that I can brush off and polish up a bit ... :-)

I need a break from RL and to play with my stolen-from-Joss-Whedon imaginary friends again and so would definitely write for a B/G ficathon. It's a great idea. New year, new B/G fic - excellent.
I've been in a twelve-step program to quit ficathons, but dammit, this is a B/G ficathon! This is my OTP! My shiny favorite playtoy!

Besides, I need to get off my butt if I'm going to keep my laurels as the cold shower queen.
I hear you on the ficathons! I have a love/hate relationship with them. I think I get into trouble when I overcommit, and don't give myself space for my own projects between them. But yay! I think there's definitely enough interest.
Don't wig but I think I love you! So glad to see any B/G ficathons, whether h/c, angst or just natural good storytellin'. And your suggesting and pursing it is so much and added bonus. We lurkers who read but have no writing talent (Somebody has to be in the audience as a musician friend of mine once said.), are very grateful to you talent anointed ones. Tahnks so much for doing this. Vehnu (Sherry)
Heh. I'll tell you a secret. It's not talent. It's obsession. Obsession and a lot of dreary hard work. But it's satisfying work, and I'm thrilled that it brings pleasure to other people as well as to me.
What a great poll. I particularly loved "Biles" and "Guffy". HOLY COW. I just never understood the popularity of these portmanteau names, as you call them. Now even the mainstream media does it -- "Brangelina"?!? Come on.

I guess after a while kind of got used to "Spander" and "Spangel" only because I read so much of it, but what's so hard about "Spike/Xander"? Why must everything be squished down?

I generally only read slash, and I'm so burned out I don't even write it anymore, but -- still a fun poll. I can't resist a poll.

I'm always interested in reading Giles/Wesley or Giles/Ethan. Those are the most obvious Giles pairings, or the ones I enjoy the most, anyway.

Also, I love that you now have Rogue Traders stuck in your head. That darn episode. Heh heh heh.
Humpty Dumpty and I call them portmanteau words :) "Spuffy" is kinda cute, but the rest of them... oh man. Please, people, don't! I'm begging.

I'm wanting more Giles/Ethan right now too. I think the next ficathon I do will be the "Ripping Tales" one, set during his rebellion. That should get us a bunch of new G/E to read!

(And um, I'm listening to THAT DAMN SONG again now.)
One of my New Year Resolutions is to participate in more ficathons (because participating in fewer, as was the goal the previous two years, resulted in writing less fic and that's no good!) so I am so there. Hooray!
Whenever I write Buffy, she's always the first in the pairing (B/G, B/X, B/Wes) but with all other Giles pairings he's always first.

This is my way of saying, yes, I'm interested!!!