"Blink" on first watching

D: Is this a Buffy episode? It looks a lot like a Buffy. Looks like the school from the previous one, too.

Me, to the writing under the wallpaper: This is not creepy supernatural. We have a time machine!

"Sad: It's happy for deep people." We laughed.

Standard time-travel plot setup so far. I've used this one myself. That actress is gorgeous. Wish I looked like that.

"You told him you were eighteen. You lying cow!" brought the house down.

"Wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff." Awesome.

"Life is short and you are hot." I'd do him! In a heartbeat.

Okay, here we go! Stakes raised, TARDIS endangered, pace now screaming along. Ooh, and we get the flip side of the DVD conversation at last! Awesome awesome puzzle writing. Fantastic writing job. Moffat, you rock. YOU ROCK. Awesome creepy! I am full of joy.

And now we watch the TV movie of great crack.
I've got all the Ecclestone's on order and all of DT's. I've seen bits and pieces of both, but need to watch them straight through. It's fascinating how Brit shows make the most unlikely, weedy actors so sexy coughJohnSimmDavidTennantcough and even Martin Clunes. I've just seen all of William and Mary. Don't know how they do it, but they do it in spades. Give me a good Brit actor over they pretty boys of Hollywood any day.
"Blink" is the best. Hands down, the best. Love Moffat. The delivery of the creepy factor is great and I love how they end the episode. I so need to watch it again.
My favorite of the new Who by a mile. "Blink", "Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances", "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood". The rest is also ran.
Exactly my set of favorites. And although the last two don't exactly fit, I've noticed I prefer the horror-style episodes, which is interesting in some way I haven't quite figured out yet.

And, um, hi - we've waved at each other through penwiper26 on occasion, and since I'm readjusting my friendslist I hope it's okay that I add you.
Though HN/FoB has horror elements, in the strawmen come to life, and in the core awfulness of people taken over by the aliens. I think SF is often at its best when it blends with horror. Perhaps it's just that the stakes need to be high? And horror makes them high.

Hello! I've friended you back, and look forward to getting to know you. penwiper26 is an unimpeachable reference :)
Blink was a total redemption after last year's horror of Love and Monsters.

I was totally in love with it and thought Sally Sparrow would be a fantastic companion.
I want to have Moffat's virtual babies. He wrote Blink. He wrote The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. He wrote Coupling. He wrote Hyde. He is godlike in his mad writing skillz.

I bow to this amazing writer.

And now I can't look at a gas mask or a weeping angel statue without shuddering.
I loved the sequence of shots of random statuary at the end. Beware of all statues. Look twice to see if they're moving. London is freaking covered in statues. Covered.
Ah, Moffat. It's no wonder I enjoyed "Coupling" so much. He always brings it, in spades.

I was glad they brought back the wibbly wobbly timey-wimey line in the Peter Davison/David Tennant thing recently (I think it was the Children in Need special).
You know, I thought when I heard it in the CiN special that it was already a Who catchphrase. Now I find that it's a new one. Yay!
Now will you PLEASE watch Coupling????
I know it's a bit too sitcom, but it really is hilarious.
It is the love, isn't it? I didn't even care that it's a Doctor-lite episode because the general awesomeness blinded me (unlike most of L&M, which sucked without the Doctor's actual presence). Enjoy the finale!
L&M was kinda lame, yes. I can see why the hatred for L&M spoiled people's reactions to the Torchwood episode "Random Shoes", which I liked. This means I'm not a fan, I think, because the fans were supposed to hate it. (I liked, among other things, the positive attitude, in contrast with the utter grim that was the Torchwood series feel.)