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Hooray for two years of Buffy!

At least, it's two years for me. Two years ago today Mr Pedia and I spent the evening watching most of Buffy season 1. The next day I ordered the boxed set of the entire series from Amazon, because it was quite obvious we'd be fans.

I bought season 1 because he'd been watching Firefly and Serenity over and over. Which he still does; he re-watched Serenity just the other day. But I was tired of it, and I told him it was time to watch the show that made Whedon famous. We watched it in bed, curled up together with my Powerbook.

I am still extremely fond of season 1, the high school Scoobies, the library, the Citroen, cute curvy Buffy, geek-chick Willow, and shaggy Xander. And of course Giles in tweed, checked shirts, and striped ties, with his cuffs unbuttoned.
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