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More with the S3 Who viewing

We watched a bunch of S3 New Who tonight, from "Gridlock" through "The Family of Blood".

"Gridlock" was amusing but meh. Was I supposed to care about the Face of Boe? They forgot to tell me why. My reaction to its sacrifice was perhaps modulated by the fact that I'd just watched another Heroic Self-Sacrifice from the the red spiky dwarf character in the "Poseidon Adventure of the Damned" Xmas special.

"42" was decent, though perhaps too reminiscent in feel and setup to "The Impossible Planet"/"Satan Pit" two-parter. Also, I'd like to ask what Russell T Davies has against mothers: the over-protectiveness of adult children was okay from Jackie, but I'm now a little weary to see it again from Martha's mother. She's a med student, for heaven's sake, not an uneducated naif like Rose. This ep at least felt like it was science fiction.

"Human Nature"/"Family of Blood" was by far the best writing in the season to this point. I am thinking there's almost no comparing it with the cliched junk that was "Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks". The two stories exist in different realms of writing skill. I enjoyed this one start to finish, and found Mr Smith's anguish and final choice moving. Mr P said "it only annoyed me once or twice, which compared to the others we just watched is impressive." Tennant also got a bit of a chance to act; I almost warmed up to his Doctor there.

Martha is a problematic Companion. I'll hold off on a solid opinion until I've watched the rest of the eps, though. (I'm sure you care.) Four more to go and we'll be caught up.

Had sodden thought: I much prefer my Doctor to be a picaresque rogue, not a messiah. Well, at least a little rogue-ish.
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