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The Christmas Special

Voyage of the Damned, the Doctor Who Christmas special. I deleted the play by play. Here's our review:

Me: "This isn't very good."
Mr P: "This is actually kinda bad."

At least there was a body count.

Poor Tennant, soldiering his way through that material.

Heck with this. We're going to watch The Five Doctors like we should have in the first place. greenbubblewrap has the right idea.
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We're watching right now. Am explaining to Mr P who Fivey is. We are already having much more fun. Oh, how I love Two.
There I was thinking it was just me who thought Voyage of the Damned was total crap. :)

Oh well, there's always new Torchwood in a few weeks.
I felt I didn't really need a retake on The Poseidon Adventure plus every Titanic cliche ever plus the Doctor carried upward by robotic golden angels. The Max Headroom joke was amusing, and it was indeed a reference fest, but... Are these Christmas Specials canonical?
I sum the whole thing up with the running commentary I had in my head while watching it:

"Dude, he doesn't notice Martha for a frickin' year ('cause she's second best, ya know) and he's mackin' on Astrid after a couple of hours? The Doctor has officially become RTD's Marty Stu."

(and yes, I do talk to myself in parenthesis)
Does RTD have a crush on the Doctor? Why doesn't he introduce some cute young male companion (possibly in kilt) who can have continual UST while the Doctor runs around with a sensible mature woman who slaps him in the face when he needs it?

The Five Doctors was 500% cheesier, but also 500% more fun than this.
I think RTD imagines that he is the Doctor.

I love The Five Doctors. I remember when our PBS station first broadcast it and just thinking it made of awesome. My brother and I had this HUGE meta-argument about how Romana ended up in the same time line as Four. (of course, now it's clear that it's because those particular regenerations are an OTP)
An OTP for Douglas Adams? 'Cause those Four in the Punt bits are from the unfinished "Shada" serial, right? Observe my growing command of Who canon!
He didn't notice Martha because she was a boring, crush-driven swain (and yes, I am a Rose fan). Now, before WWIII commences, I tried my damnedest to like Martha and simply could not get there. Donna, on the other hand, is my new hero(ine). As for the mackin' on Astrid - well, she's a part of the TARDIS, and when you think about how much he strokes that console...

Or it could be that he likes blondes. ;-)
I thought, "ooh! blonde chick in a maid uniform! he's gonna go for it!" And then he did. One of the things I liked, actually, was how clear it was that he longed for a new Companion.
In which case, why tell laundry/professor guy that he 'always travels alone'? coughbullshitcough

It would have been good to see him for the first time in a long while with a mature male companion in the Tardis, not some nitwitted boy.
That was the Doctor attempting to bullshit himself. He wishes to travel alone, because then he can avoid the sort of heartache he just experienced. One of the weaknesses of the episode is that it's a high-speed recapitulation of what he went through with Rose. I mean, I don't need a reminder (he's been moping about it for a while) and I don't entirely like seeing him fall for somebody new so quickly (his preference for the maid over the med student makes me think unflattering thoughts about him-- it also makes me ask which one Three would have fancied; cough).

Oh, lord, you're going to lure me into analyzing the Doctor. That always results in fic.
>>I don't entirely like seeing him fall for somebody new so quickly (his preference for the maid over the med student makes me think unflattering thoughts about him)<<

See, I never saw that. Of course, being a 10/Rose fan contributes to that, but from the beginning, there was no spark between 10 and Martha - even in AoG, before Freema was Martha. I don't think it has anything to do with med student vs. maid so much as a personality preference. However, that brings me to ask - have you watched s3 all the way through?
Not yet, no! So there are definitely aspects of his relationship with Martha that I'm missing, I know. Our Who watching time has been spent watching some of the classic canon, with Three and Four.

I love Rose, but I ship her more with Nine. There's something about that relationship I really loved watching. (And I could imagine the two of them + Captain Jack having a lot of fun together.)
I hear you about the OT3 with 9, Rose, and Jack - *pauses to imagine and take a cool shower* - but I'm a 10/Rose 'shipper at heart. It's kinda like Buffy/Giles - it just seems right to me.

If 9/Rose and/or OT3 is your boat-floater, though, you should wander over to www.whofic.com and check out honorh and wmr. They are both fucking awesome abd I have the greatest respect for them as writers (and my attention is not easy to get, lemme tell you).
I totally agree with the longing for a new companion, but, seriously, does he have to "fall in love" with every. single. one? Well, except Martha, because she's second best.
I'm totally cool if it's just that the Doctor likes blondes. Really, I am.

But I just spent a whole season watching the Doctor ignore Martha because she's not!Rose. (and, dude, totally agree with you that she was so boring with the crush on him. But then, I felt the same way about Rose. I get it, the Doctor is hot and crushable! Move on!)

Mostly, I just want my time travel adventures without all the romance attached to it.

I can't wait for Donna. I'm hoping she has as much spunk as she did in Runaway Bride and we don't have the pining thing again.
I am really looking forward to Donna smacking him periodically, when he needs it most. I loved "The Runaway Bride".

Am watching "Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks" now. I am choking on cliches, but am somewhat amused by the classic Star Trek plot.
See, I don't mind the romance in this case - not only did we see it onscreen, but the actors, producers, a director or two, and the series head writer/re-creator have all said that the Doctor and Rose were in love. Thus, when they were torn apart like they were, we got a season of the Doctor realistically grieving. I cannot WAIT to for the last 3 eps of the new series.

And I'm completely with you on the Donna/no pining thing, but I don't think it'll be a problem (and, if nothing else, it'll be fun to watch).
Poor Tennant, soldiering his way through that material.

Even worse when you realise his mother had only just died.

I was particularly annoyed by The Queen moment. How utterly crass.