Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Back to work. On Boxing Day. Sigh.

Two brief items:

1. "Fenrisulfr" was nominated for a couple of categories for round 8 of the Fang Fetish Awards. Thank you so much to whoever nominated it! It's one of my favorites, if I'm allowed to have favorites.

2. Much writing in progress. I did not post anything yesterday, though I had really hoped to be able to, but it's coming. At the moment the pile includes three Giles/Ethan things (Doctor crossover included), one Giles/Xander ('Rough Boys" draft 2, which I think is going to be my excuse to send email to neglected beta reader), one Giles/Jenny, and one Giles/Buffy ("Blackmail" segment).

No, wait, more.

3. The only Yuletide stories I've read have been in the Fry & Laurie RPF category, which I cannot possibly explain. Because RPF for non-historic figures makes me squeamish.

4. iPod + BtVS S4 + ziploc baggie + Lush + bath == heaven. Re-watching the first two eps has allowed me to rediscover my love for Willow, during a sweep of the show when I liked her better than Buffy. I still have a hard time forgiving her for "Bargaining", though.

5. I failed at Xmas this year. Though I did give Mr P some very nice striped slipper-socks, which he likes. But seriously, I have a pile of stuff that I accumulated earlier in the year, intending to give away come the holidays. And I just didn't. Sigh.

6. My head hurts. Please make it stop.
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