Back to work. On Boxing Day. Sigh.

Two brief items:

1. "Fenrisulfr" was nominated for a couple of categories for round 8 of the Fang Fetish Awards. Thank you so much to whoever nominated it! It's one of my favorites, if I'm allowed to have favorites.

2. Much writing in progress. I did not post anything yesterday, though I had really hoped to be able to, but it's coming. At the moment the pile includes three Giles/Ethan things (Doctor crossover included), one Giles/Xander ('Rough Boys" draft 2, which I think is going to be my excuse to send email to neglected beta reader), one Giles/Jenny, and one Giles/Buffy ("Blackmail" segment).

No, wait, more.

3. The only Yuletide stories I've read have been in the Fry & Laurie RPF category, which I cannot possibly explain. Because RPF for non-historic figures makes me squeamish.

4. iPod + BtVS S4 + ziploc baggie + Lush + bath == heaven. Re-watching the first two eps has allowed me to rediscover my love for Willow, during a sweep of the show when I liked her better than Buffy. I still have a hard time forgiving her for "Bargaining", though.

5. I failed at Xmas this year. Though I did give Mr P some very nice striped slipper-socks, which he likes. But seriously, I have a pile of stuff that I accumulated earlier in the year, intending to give away come the holidays. And I just didn't. Sigh.

6. My head hurts. Please make it stop.
Silly girl, you only failed at Christmas if you didn't survive until Boxing Day...
Holidays are what you make of them, and their importance directly related to how much importance YOU place on them. I spent the day in my pyjamas watching Cosmos and sending pictochat to my husband four feet away from me. I think that was a fabulous way to celebrate.
I ran a WOW instance with my rogue, and then had a long bath while D went to work. To work. That's more than anything what makes me feel Xmas was a failure: my husband went to work.
That's not a failure and it's not even you. That's Mr. Pedia not caring about Christmas as a holiday. Frankly, Mr. N doesn't place any particular importance on it, but he knows Christmas matters to me so he celebrates. Otherwise, he would probably ignore the season altogether.
Just figure out what you want the day to mean to you and go with it. But don't feel bad if it doesn't overshadow your life for a month. That's all just fluff and impossible ideals people have come up with over the years to focus the masses on Christianity or consumerism.
I don't think you can fail at Christmas. The dog and I fixed a meatloaf and watched Tremors, our favorite Christmas movie. Well, my favorite Christmas movie, though the dog is always willing to watch with me. I have a package to a good friend that I've been meaning to mail for a month and I still can't get my butt down to the P.O.