Ethan magic


am writing Giles/Ethan stop
it's shippy stop
also smutty don't stop
am also attacked by rabid g/x and g/b bunnies
hoping this finds you happy and your eggnog well-spiked
antenna (me)
am writing to you on my dad's pc. everything is super-magnified. right now, i'm looking at Giles' belly on your site. three whiskey sours and i'm still able to breathe: it's a christmas miracle--god bless us everyone! (especially those who spend the day writing b/g for those in desperate need.)
(perks up) B/G bunnies? I like those. Not that I have any objection to G/E or G/X bunnies, but I know my favorites when I see them.

No spiked eggnog, but I have gotten home-roasted coffee beans and Series one of Chef.

And my brother liked his garden gnome fridge magnets. And my beloved seems pleased with his copy of Help.

And we do need to discuss soon your next visit to the Land That Time Forgot. I have a small token for you, too.
Oh yay, Giles/Ethan smut. I have to endure new year at the mother-in-law's. Giles/Ethan might just keep me sane. :)

No eggnog, but plenty of mulled wine (hic)!
No spiked nog as I must work tomorrow. But lots of good food and equally good company.

Yay for bunnies of any kind. And for shippy smut.
Hmm, am lacking spiced eggnog. Stop.
Smutty, shippy G/E? Don't stop!